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135+ Email Content Ideas to Fill Your Marketing Calendar in September

To create an email campaign, you should consider a lot of factors: come up with a creative design, prepare offers, build the right segments, configure product recommendations, etc. September emails are no exception.

When the back-to-school season is over but it's still too early to start with Thanksgiving, marketers need to look for other opportunities to connect with customers and keep the conversation going. And although September may look poor in email content ideas, there is actually plenty of reasons to reach out.

Good causes to make your recipients’ inbox happy in September:

  • Customers’ birthday;
  • Your company’s birthday;
  • International and local holidays;
  • Anniversaries;
  • Sports events, like championships, marathons, races, etc.;
  • Birthdays of famous people;
  • Invention dates;
  • Historical events;
  • Festivals and parades.

Universal Email Content Ideas

There are different kinds of events: international, national, local, typical of a particular region or continent. An international brand should know that not all of them are celebrated around the world: people in China may not know about La Tomatina - a food fight festival organized in Spain every year. On the other hand, not many Spanish are aware of Dragon Boat Festival held in China annually over 2,000 years.

However, even if your audience isn’t familiar with this or that event, it won’t hurt if you introduce them to your subscribers. Just make sure you pick up the right email marketing content applicable to your business. For example:

  • Stylish celebrities’ birthdays deserve a mention in campaigns by clothing, jewellery, perfume, or beauty companies;

Stylish celebrities’ birthdays in an email campaign

  • World championships, motor racing, and different tournaments can be a good reason for sports gear, nutrition supplement, gym equipment and even insurance companies to get in touch;

Sports event in an email campaign

  • International and national coffee, bakery, chocolate and any other sweet days look as if they were specially designed for coffee shops, confectioneries and bakery magazines.

National Coffee Day in an email campaign

  • Any event dedicated to eco-friendly activities is a good opportunity to remind your customers that you contribute to nature conservation as well (of course, in case you really do).

Eco-friendly email campaign

  • If there is a special day dedicated to the kind of product or service you provide, don’t miss a chance to come up with a specially-designed campaign.

International Sushi Day in an email campaign

  • Your customers’ birthday is an event you simply can’t leave unnoticed. Pleasant gifts, warm wishes and festive images are more than welcome.

Customer's birthday in an email campaign

  • Your company’s birthday also makes a good email marketing idea. Tell your story, boast a bit of your recent achievements, introduce new products or reveal plans for the future - it’s your birthday and it’s up to you to pick up the content you want to share.

Your company's birthday in an email campaign

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in September 2020

And now let's move from general calendar to particular September email ideas. You definitely don't need to use all of them, but I'm sure you'll find in the list the event resonating with your brand. And even if Eat an Extra Dessert Day or National Milkshake Day are local holidays, so what? A few people would refuse to celebrate whatever that involves eating sweets or drinking milkshakes. Take a look at other email marketing content ideas to include in your welcome campaigns, reactivation emails or newsletters, and take your email marketing to a whole new level.

Send emails your customers can't ignore!

Sep 1

Back to School Day;

Knowledge Day;

Arbor Day (Peru);

Disaster Prevention Day (Japan);

Journalist Day (Taiwan);

Random Acts of Kindness Day (NZ);

Wattle Day (Australia);

No Rhyme or Reason Day (US);

Back to School Day in an email campaign

Sep 2

World Coconut Day;

World Pizza Day;

Notaries Day (Ukraine);

Democracy Day (Tibet);

National Blueberry Popsicle Day (US);

Keanu Reeves’ Birthday;

World Pizza Day in an email campaign

Sep 3

Skyscraper Day;

U.S. Bowling League Day;

Flag Day (Australia);

Sep 4

International Taekwondo Day;

Art Break Day (first Friday in September);

Custom's Service Worker's Day (Moldova);

Rescuer's Day (Armenia);

National Wildlife Day (US);

Newspaper Carrier Day (US);

Eat an Extra Dessert Day (US);

Beyoncé’s Birthday;

Eat an Extra Dessert Day in an email campaign

Sep 5

International Day of Charity;

World Beard Day (first Saturday in September);

Global Day of Action for the Amazon;

Teachers' Day (India);

Freddie Mercury’s Birthday;

National Bacon Day (US), (Saturday before Labor Day);

Cheese Pizza Day (US);

Teachers' Day in an email campaign

Sep 6

Venice Regatta Storica (first Sunday in September);

Day of Belarusian Written Language (first Sunday in September);

Father's Day (AU, NZ), (first Sunday in September);

Fight Procrastination Day;

Read A Book Day (US);

Sep 7

International Vulture Awareness Day;

Brazilian Independence Day;

Labor Day (US, Canada), (first Monday in September);

National Beer Lover's Day (US);

National Threatened Species Day (Australia);

Salami Day (US);

Salami Day in an email campaign

Sep 8

International Literacy Day;

World Physical Therapy Day;

Volunteer Day (Spain);

Pardon Day (US);

Pink’s Birthday;

International Literacy Day in an email campaign

Sep 9

International Beauty Day;

International Sudoku Day;

Teddy Bear Day (US);

Children's Day (Costa Rica);

Emergency Services Day (UK);

Chrysanthemum Day (Japan);

Teddy Bear Day in an email campaign

Sep 10

World Suicide Prevention Day;

Gibraltar National Day;

Children's Day (Honduras);

Teachers' Day (China);

Swap Ideas Day (US);

Sep 11

Emergency Number Day (US);

National Day (Catalonia);

Teachers' Day (Argentina);

Make Your Bed Day (US);

Make Your Bed Day in an email campaign

Sep 12

International Programmers' Day (256th day of the year);

World First Aid Day ( second Saturday in September);

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation;

Chocolate Milkshake Day (US);

Last post

Sep 13

Grandparent's Day (US, Canada, Estonia, Philippines), (second Sunday in September);

Fjord Day (Denmark), (second Sunday in September);

National Peanut Day (US);

Positive Thinking Day (US);

National Cachaça Day (Brazil);

Roald Dahl Day;

Scooby-Doo’s Birthday;

Peanut Day in an email campaign

Sep 14

Hindi Day;

Engineer's Day (Romania);

Children's Day (Nepal);

Hug Your Hound Day (US);

Sep 15

World Lymphoma Awareness Day;

International Day of Democracy;

International Dot Day;

Libraries Day (Belarus);

Agatha Christie’s Birthday;

Knowledge Day (Azerbaijan);

Make a Hat Day (US);

Sep 16

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer;

Juliet’s birthday in Verona;

Mexican Independence Day;

Guacamole Day (US);

Collect Rocks Day (US);

Guacamole Day in an email campaign

Sep 17

International Country Music Day;

World Patient Safety Day;

Rescuer's Day (Ukraine);

Teacher's Day (Honduras);

Constitution Day (US);

Batman Day (US);

Sep 18

World Water Monitoring Day;

Independence Day (Chile);

National Music Day (Azerbaijan);

Astronomy Day (Armenia);

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (US);

Navy Day (Croatia);

Rice Krispie Treat Day (US);

Greta Garbo‘s Birthday;

Rice Krispie Treat Day in an email campaign

Sep 19

International Talk Like a Pirate Day;

Pharmaceutical Worker's Day (Ukraine);

Juice Day (Russia), (third Saturday in September);

National Gymnastics Day (US);

Sep 20

International Day of University Sport;

National Gyoza Day (Japan);

National Youth Day (Thailand);

Universal Children's Day (Germany);

Punch Day (US);

Gyoza Day in an email campaign

Sep 21

World Gratitude Day;

Zero Emissions Day;

World Alzheimer's Day;

International Day of Peace;

Respect for the Aged Day (Japan), (third Monday in September);

Independence Day (Armenia);

Arbor Day (Brazil);

Stephen King’s Birthday;

Sep 22

World Car-Free Day;

World Rhino Day;

Autumnal Equinox Day (Japan);

Hobbit Day;

Business Women's Day (US);

Hobbit Day in an email campaign

Sep 23

International Day of Sign Languages;

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day;

National Day (Saudi Arabia);

Teachers' Day (Brunei);

Checkers Day (US);

Sep 24

Heritage Day (South Africa);

Punctuation Day (US);

Sep 25

Comic Book Day (US);

Butterbrod Day (Germany), (last Friday in September);

Will Smith’s Birthday;

Sep 26

World Contraception Day;

World Environmental Health Day;

Astronomy Day;

National Pancake Day (US);

Serena Williams’ Birthday;

European Day of Languages (European Union);

National Good Neighbor Day (US);

Serena Williams in an email campaign

Sep 27

World Tourism Day;

World Rivers Day (last Sunday in September);

Tourism Day (Ukraine);

Crash a Can Day (US);

World Tourism Day in an email campaign

Sep 28

International Right to Know Day;

World Rabies Day;

Freedom from Hunger Day;

Czech Statehood Day;

Yom Kippur (Israel);

Teacher's Day (Taiwan);

Ask a Stupid Question Day (US)

Confucius' Birthday;

Sep 29

International Coffee Day;

World Heart Day;

Firefighter's Day (Iran);

Inventors' Day (Argentina);

Coffee Day in an email campaign

Sep 30

International Translation Day;

International Podcast Day;

Botswana Day;

Day of Libraries (Ukraine);

Adoption Day (Ukraine);

Hot Mulled Cider Day (US);

Monica Bellucci’s Birthday.

Monica Bellucci in an email campaign

With this short guide, you won’t rack your brains looking for September email marketing ideas. I’ve listed over 150 content ideas, but hope you know that creativity knows no limits. Take your time and explore for new quirky ideas and opportunities to engage with your subscribers. Also, make sure to check the date of a particular event as they may differ for various countries and even for various regions within one country. And follow our blog for more inspiring email ideas: October is coming. By the way, feel free to share in comments your own thoughts on how to spice up fall email campaigns. Visuals are also more than welcome.

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