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100+ Email Subject Lines for International Women’s Day

100+ Email Subject Lines for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is globally celebrated on the 8th of March to commemorate the women's rights movement across the globe. But even apart from its original meaning, it’s a great occasion to connect with all mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and girlfriends.

That’s why marketers should carefully prepare their email campaigns for this day. A boring stock template and a photo of flowers aren’t going to cut it. A finely crafted design, a nice subject line, and a tempting bonus are going to make your readers appreciate your message in their inboxes.

To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared an extensive list of Women's Day email subject lines and overall ideas you could use for your holiday email campaigns.

Offer Gifts & Treats

  • $5k in Prizes to Celebrate International Women’s Day;
  • You Go Girl! 20% Off Final Hours;
  • FREE SHIPPING for International Women's Day!
  • Our Biggest Giveaway Yet;
  • A thought for you on this special day! Today only: free shipping + 20% off dresses;
  • LAST CHANCE! 40% off sitewide | Be your own kind of beautiful;
  • EMAIL EXCLUSIVE | Save 20% Today! 
  • Great News! Women’s Day Sale Is Now Extended! 
  • THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. Up To 50% Off;
  • INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY SALE is still ON. Don’t miss it! 
  • 25% off: Make it a girls' day and SHOP;
  • Ultimas Horas: 25% OFF (International Women's Day SALE);
  • ✨✨Weekend Treats to Celebrate International Women's Day;
  • Get Extra 25% Off Sale Prices;
  • Celebrate women with 20% off – ends tonight!
  • Last day – 15% OFF to continue Celebrating International Women's Day;
  • International Women's Day: Last Chance for €50 off;
  • 15% Off! Happy International Women's Day!!
  • You Go Girl! 30% off for next 48 hours!
  • ENDS TOMORROW: Save 15% Storewide As We Celebrate International Women's Day;
  • 10% Off Women's Sock of the Month – Happy Women's Day!
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day with free shipping;
  • it's IWD and we're giving you 25% off!
  • [WOMEN ONLY] – Get 17% OFF Store Wide!
  • Meet Our Amazing Swoozie's Women | 20% off their FAVORITES with code BIRTHDAY;
  • Because you're a boss. Up to 65% off for International Women's Day;
  • Weekend treats to celebrate International Women's Day;
  • A Day for You, Styles for You;
  • March 8th Day Sale – 20% OFF Storewide – One Day Only;
  • International Women’s Day! + WIN 1 of 15 Sunuva vouchers!
  • Be bold + March special just for you✨
  • 15% OFF | Code: BOSSBABE.
  • Celebrate Women's Day with a Special Gift from Us!
  • Happy Women's Day! Enjoy a Free Gift with Your Purchase;
  • Treat Yourself on Women's Day with Our Exclusive Offer;
  • Women's Day Special: Get 20% Off Your Order Today;
  • Celebrate Women Everywhere with Our Gift to You;
  • Happy Women's Day! Enjoy Free Shipping on Your Purchase;
  • Women's Day Flash Sale: Limited Time Offer;
  • Celebrate Women's Strength and Resilience with Our Special Offer;
  • Women's Day Exclusive: Buy One, Get One Free;
  • Happy Women's Day! Enjoy a Special Discount on Us;

Women's Day email example

Send an Empowering Message

  • Who was Wonder Woman’s Role Model?
  • Ladies who launch;
  • Celebrating the women of travel;
  • Do you know what today is? (hint: it's our fave day of the year);
  • Inspiring Stories of Women and Bicycles;
  • Inspiration for International Women's Day;
  • Is One Day Enough for International Women's Day?
  • Female Founded. Inspired By You;
  • Join Us in Celebrating International Women's Day!
  • Stories told and unfold for International Women’s Day;
  • INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY | Celebrating 6 Visionary Women Designers;
  • Celebrating International Women's Day ✨ A balanced world is a better world;
  • Thank you for being part of our sisterhood 
  • “Be a lady,” they said. “Be an adventurer,” we said...
  • Who’s Your Super Woman?
  • International Women's Day & KT Tape: Striving For Progress;
  • Fabulously Femail Blog – Out-of-the-Box Ideas for a Girls’ Night In;
  • Ladies, We’ve Come a Long Way 
  • Celebrating Strength and Resilience;
  • The Inspirational Women Behind Our Designs;
  • Celebrating Women Artists;
  • This one goes out to all you ladies! 
  • Who Runs The World?
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day in style;
  • Let’s Talk About What To Wear!;
  • Building the ultimate girl crew;
  • Our International Women’s Day Campaign: Just Be You;
  • My Thanks to You on International Women's Day;
  • Make an Impact on International Women's Day;
  • Celebrating female athletes everywhere! 
  • A moment of inspiration for International Women’s Day;
  • Let's Inspire, Empower & Change;
  • Roll with Your Besties Today;
  • It's International Women's Day. Do things your way;
  • The Coolest Holiday You’ll Celebrate This Year - International Women’s Day;
  • Join the March On Movement, One Lipstick At A Time;
  • You Inspire Us – Celebrate International Women's Day;
  • The Women That Move Us.

An email with an empowering message from Lululemon

1550+ ready HTML email templates

Keep It Short and Sweet

  • Treat yourself on IWD! 
  • Each for Equal ♡
  • You Go, Girl;
  • Celebrating YOU;
  • Here's to women;
  • Today's Your Day;
  • Let's Celebrate Today, and Everyday. 
  • You're a Star | International Women's Day;
  • Celebrating All Females!
  • International Women's Day, Every Day;
  • In Honor of Women;
  • Dear Every Single Woman...
  • For Those Special Women In Your Life;
  • Impact. Style. Empowerment;
  • To all the Ladies in the Place;
  • Culture-Shifters;
  • To: The Ladies in Our Lives;
  • Raise a glass!
  • Hey girl...today is your day!
  • Today, It’s About Us;
  • What Women Still Want;
  • For the Love of Women❤
  • Women's Day Party;
  • Females Are Fierce! 
  • Celebrate Her;
  • The power of a woman;
  • Balance for Better;
  • Today is about You ❤
  • Bold & Fearlessly Feminine;
  • To a phenomenal woman.

Women's Day email  example

Send Wishes

  • Girls, get in formation! Happy International Women's Day! 
  • Where there is a woman, there is magic. ?‍♀️ Happy International Women’s Day!
  • Be a Queen Today & Everyday;
  • Happy International Women's day, babe!
  • Be the Strength You Want to See in the World;
  • Happy International Women's Day, Beauties! 
  • Rock a red lip! Happy International Women's Day! 
  • Be Inspired This International Women's Day! 
  • ✌️ GIRL POWER ✌️ Happy International Women's Day.

IWD email from Dossier

Use Hashtags

  • #girlpower | ♀️ sale!!!;
  • Day 1 ~ #girlboss | International Women's Week;
  • Celebrating #WomenMakingHistory;
  • Do it like a #WERKINGWOMAN!
  • Today We Will Make Our Voices Heard #INTERNATIONALWOMEN'SDAY!
  • All about that #GirlPower! 
  • Happy #IWD2019 from Yaasa;
  • #InternationalWomensDay;
  • Today Is #IWD2019! Make Her Feel Special.
  • #WomenEmpoweringWomen: Unleash Your Potential This Women's Day
  • #ChooseToChallenge: Join the Movement for Equality
  • #BalanceForBetter: Let's Create a More Inclusive World Together
  • #IWD20XX (Replace XX with the year): Stand Up for Progress this Women's Day
  • #InternationalWomensDay x #GirlBoss: Be Inspired by Remarkable Women
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Content Ideas for International Women’s Day Emails

Let's move a bit beyond catchy subject lines for Women's Day. Girls who’d be opening your emails will expect something more than just a regular promo. Don’t disappoint them. Add some festive vibes to your emails to set the holiday mood and drive smiles.

You don’t necessarily have to adopt all of the below tips. Consider only those that apply to your company and communication pattern, and give them a try.

1. Add flowers.

Like Christmas and stockings or Easter and bunnies, Women’s Day is associated with flowers. Include a beautiful bouquet (they say tulips and peonies work the best) in your emails for the Women's Day celebration to make your campaigns as blossoming.

Flower-themed email from DFV

2. Add holiday-associated elements.

Keeping the big banner for something other than flowers? Consider adding some small holiday-related elements instead. Floral patterns are always a safe bet.

Email  ideas for Women’s Day

3. Add animation.

A GIF or animated banner – it’s up to you to choose the dynamic part. Just make sure it’s displayed properly on both desktop and mobile.

Email  ideas for Women’s Day: add flowers

4. Be inclusive.

Make sure your Happy International Women's Day emails would resonate with all of your subscribers. Don’t congratulate just moms, artists, athletes, etc. – send wishes to all females out there.

Email  ideas for Women’s Day: add flowers

5. Introduce women of your team.

It’s always good to know there are real people behind digital messages. Especially when they are this great and beautiful. Don’t be shy to show off the female members of your crew: the subscribers deserve to know their heroes.

Email  ideas for Women’s Day: add flowers

6. Lean on inspiring role models

On this day, you can’t go wrong by bringing attention to famous and inspiring women. You can use both historical examples and prominent contemporaries.

IWD email celebrating Frida Kahlo

7. Run charity.

Giving is often better than taking. Offer your subscribers to commit by donating % of sales or earned points to the partner charities of NGOs. Be sure, many would love to participate.

Email asking for a support to a cause

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International Women’s Day Email Examples

And here come our whitelisted Best Women’s Day Email nominees. We couldn’t decide on the winner, so picked the most interesting and explained our decision. Go and see whether we have matching tastes.

  • by Timberland:

Email from Timberland

Why: Good, clean design with nice fonts and a straightforward offer.

  • by LendingTree:

Email from LendingTree

Why: A clever way to tie in seemingly unrelated products by showcasing highly relevant stats.

  • by OUAI:

Email from OUAI

Why: Strong. Powerful. Impactful.

  • by Fishwife:

Email from Fishwife

Why: Quirky, cute design, and language spoken by the audience.

  • by Eat Me Guilt Free:

Email from Eat Me Guilt Free

Why: Zero selling, just an honest message from a woman to other women.

  • by Haus Labs by Lady Gaga:

Email from Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

Why: Clean and to the point. There’s nothing to add here.

  • by Sweaty Betty

Email from Sweaty Betty

Why: The brand leaned on its values and announced the launch of a new charity. This type of action won’t generate any quick profits, but it’s going to create a strong brand fan base.

  • by Aerie:

Email from Aerie

Why: A powerful message even further enhanced by a photo promoting inclusivity.

  • by UniWigs:

Email from UniWigs

Why: While there’s nothing too special about this email, it does a good job with ticking the boxes of a successful marketing email. Clear CTAs, a solid offer, and even some FOMO with the timer on top.

  • by Peach and Lily:

Email from Peach and Lily

Why: Beautiful design. Impactful photo. And a touch of personality through personal recommendations from the brand’s founder.

  • by Monki:

Email from Monki

Why: Bold. Creative. Eccentric.

  • by Gucci:

Email from Gucci

Why: A surprising design for a brand like Gucci, but it’s good.

These examples should provide you with creative juices enough to fuel half a dozen IWD campaigns. Just remember – be authentic and sincere. There are other days in a year when your primary goal is to make a sale. And it’s not International Women’s Day. Instead, focus on fostering a connection with your audience and showing that your brand has values.

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