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100+ Best Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Subject Lines

130+ Best Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

Along with Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day is a huge shopping event. Starting from late January, people are looking for presents for their friends and family, little gifts for colleagues and something extra special for sweethearts.

Obviously, any brand wants to capitalize on this craving and puts a lot of effort into creating their V-Day emails. However, no matter how good your holiday offer and design are, the user first needs to open the email to enjoy them. And they do it very largely because of good email subject lines.

So in this article, we’ve picked up the best Valentine’s Day email subject lines to help you build a real love story with your subscribers this February.

P.S. If you’re stuck with ideas even after checking the below list, consider using email subject line generators. They won’t give you ready answers but can help to show the direction to move in.

Deals and Discounts

Although love is priceless, gifts do have a price tag. In Valentine’s Day emails, most people would look for a gift or discount, so don't disappoint these expectations.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day! A Gift from eChemist just for you — 14% off all products, 3 days only!
  • VALENTINES DAY SALE | Think Outside the Chocolate Box
  • The Perfect Valentine? Save 30%
  • Love the Weekend with 20% Off Valentine’s Day Styles! 
  • Up to 70% Off in Our Valentine’s Day Gift Shops
  • Enjoy 14% OFF | Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Be mine! 20% Off Storewide Today
  • Healthy Valentine’s Day Savings! 
  • Online Valentine Deals to Love
  • Valentine’s Day deals don’t end
  • Unlock 25% Love Discount: Make This Valentine's Unforgettable!
  • Cupid's Arrow Strikes! 30% Off on All Heart-Themed Gifts.
  • Feel the Love – Exclusive 40% Off Valentine's Specials!
  • Love is in the Air! Save Big with 35% Off Valentine's Gifts!
  • Valentine’s Day Savings — Free Camera Strap and 15% off Camera Bags! 
  • Sweet Deals for Your Sweetheart: Enjoy 25% Off Today!
  • Celebrate Love: 30% Off All Things Valentine!
  • Fall in Love with Our Valentine’s Day Sale: Up to 60% Off!
  • Love More, Spend Less: 40% Off Valentine's Day Deals!
  • Valentine’s Treat: 15% Off + Free Love-Filled Gift!
  • Spread the Love: Exclusive Valentine's Offers Just for You!
  • Love perks: $15 Reward Card with $75 purchase online
  • Here’s a FREE MONTH! Will You Be Our Valentine? 
  • Sending ❤️: 40% off + a Valentine’s Day treat
  • ❤️ This 5-Piece Set Is A PERFECT Valentine’s Day Gift! 
  • V is for Valentine (plus VERY secret savings)
  • Something special for your Valentine...

Email with a V-Day discount

Fear of Missing Out

Nobody likes missing out on opportunities, so make sure to mention in your Valentine’s Day subject lines that your offer expires in X time.

  • Only 3 Days Left To Shop Online for Valentines
  • Ending tomorrow: 14% for Valentine’s Day + discover Colourblock Styles!
  • LAST CHANCE! Shop Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts in Boutiques
  • Happy Valentine's Day from Cascio! Enjoy 14% off Today Only!
  • Love is all around. 15% OFF Full Priced Styles. Ends Tomorrow!
  • Don’t miss our HALF PRICE bestsellers — from only £20!
  • ♥ Get 14% Off EVERYTHING Ends In 6 Hours — Feel The Love ♥
  • Valentine’s Day Surprise Inside! Only 2 more Days to Claim
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration ends in 6-hrs ❤️
  • Grab Your Valentine’s Gift Now - Sale Ends in 5 Hours
  • Love's Deadline: Get 15% Off Before It's Too Late
  • Last Chance: 50% Off Valentine's Day Collection Ends Tonight
  • Final Alert: Valentine's Day Sale Ends in 3 Hours
  • Seize the Love: Valentine Discounts Expire at Midnight
  • Get it quick! 20% Off Valentines + Free Express on $150+
  • 15% Off Skin For 3 Days Only + Free Beauty Vouchers
  • ♥ Final Chance to get your V-Day gifts + up to 72% off
  • Last Chance for FREE Valentine’s Day Eye Candy
  • Final Hours! Valentine's Savings Disappear at Midnight
  • 14% Bonus ending today! Happy Valentine's Day!
  • There’s STILL Time! Order By 2 PM ET TODAY!
  • This will end in 4 hours. But our love won't!
  • Valentine's Countdown: Save Big Before Midnight
  • Hurry! Valentine's Deal Ends in 24 Hours
  • Last Day to Grab 20% Off Valentine's Gifts
  • Love's Last Call: 30% Off Ends Tonight
  • 14% off exclusively today on Valentine’s Day
  • Love is... 15% off the collection. Today only!
  • It’s Not Too Late to Win Valentine’s Day!
  • There’s Still Time for Your Valentine!
  • Today only: Free shipping + 14% off
  • Extra 30% off today online only!
  • Come In Store TODAY, Cupid
  • There’s still time, Valentine!
  • I heart 25% off! 3 days only.

Email with a time-limited offer


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Gift Guides

A gift guide is a tried and tested method of engaging your audience and a ready content idea on its own. You can create gift guides by price, gender, recipient, product category, bestsellers, etc. If applicable to your brand, consider focusing on holiday-related products like sweets, jewelry, candles, fragrances, romantic getaways, etc.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Boutiques Open Late Today for Last Minute Gifts
  • Need Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts? Our Stores are Open Late! 
  • Two treats are better than one... ❤ | Shop Valentine’s Day
  • Don’t forget your Valentine + FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!
  • Valentine's Day Special: Curated Gifts for Your Special Someone
  • Find the Perfect Valentine's Match: Our Gift Guide Awaits
  • Valentine's Day Sorted: Shop by Price, Gender, and More
  • Sweets, Jewelry, Candles: Your Ultimate Valentine's Gift Guide
  • Discover the Best Valentine's Gifts for Him & Her
  • Romantic Getaway Deals Just in Time for Valentine’s Day
  • Celebrate Love: Shop Our Top Valentine's Day Picks
  • Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget
  • Surprise Your Loved One: Shop Our Valentine's Bestsellers
  • Your Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry
  • Gifts They'll Adore: Valentine's Day Selections for Your Boo
  • Cupid's Choice: Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Shop the Valentine’s Gift your loved one really wants...
  • Our shops are open late for last-minute Valentines!
  • 30% off Valentine’s Day picks for everyone you ❤️ 
  • Presenting Our 2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
  • The Valentine’s gifts to give and receive this year
  • Need Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone?
  • Inside: Ready-to-gift sets for every type of ❤️
  • Love Me... Love Me Not? Valentine picks
  • Shop our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him & Her
  • Perfect gifts for your Valentine Boo ❤️
  • Give Something Close to Her Heart
  • Can’t Find a Cupid-Approved Gift?
  • ❤️ It’s perfect for your Valentine ❤️
  • Jewelry Gifts for your Valentine
  • Save On Cupid-Approved Gifts
  • Just for them | Free engraving
  • The Perfect Valentines Gift
  • Give them some sugar
  • ❤ V-Day buys ❤ 

Gift guide in the email

Holiday Mood

Valentine’s Day isn't about presents only. Spending time with your loved ones is even more precious. Make your Valentine’s email subject lines and messages about having a perfect V-Day experience with close and like-minded people.
Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

  • Say it like you mean it.❤️
  • Remember What the Beatles say about Love? Listen & Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Try our Tastes of the Season menu! | Valentine’s Day Specials
  • Create a Romantic Evening at Home: Valentine's Day Ideas
  • Experience Love: Unique Valentine's Day Activities
  • Valentine's Day: Celebrating Love in Every Way
  • Reconnect this Valentine's: Ideas for a Special Day
  • Valentine's Moments: Create Memories that Last
  • Celebrate Love: Unforgettable Valentine's Day Experiences
  • Make Valentine's Day Special with These Ideas
  • Valentine's Day Together: Making Every Moment Count
  • Cherish Your Love: Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day
  • Plan a Perfect Valentine's: Memorable Day Ideas
  • Let them know you are thinking of them...
  • Island Romance Getaway!
  • This Valentine’s Day, make a statement
  • Introducing Our First-Ever Galentine Virtual Hangout!
  • Our Valentine’s Shop Is Open ❤️
  • Toast your love with a bottle of fizz for just £10! 
  • We're Hosting a V-Day Plant Happy Hour
  • Easy V-Day Gifts for your Little Loves!
  • Send a little love their way
  • A Tale as old as Time ❤️
  • Remember the first time?
  • The Perfect Love Story...
  • Show Them You Love Them
  • you've got (Valentine's Day) mail
  • Love recognizes no barriers
  • Flirt with flavors this Valentine's Day
  • What are you doing for Valentine’s?

Valentine's invitation

Last post

Not a Word about Saint Valentine

Not all of your subscribers may go crazy about February 14. Too aggressive holiday marketing, rebellion against imposed stereotypes, bad past relationships, status of a single — these are the reasons people see V-Day as overrated. For them, consider running a different campaign that has more to do with personal contentment rather than with gift-giving.

  • Fall in Love with Great Savings
  • 50% OFF Annual Plans Today. Because We Love You
  • we belong together
  • Make a date with our sexy new styles + free gift over $60!
  • Relationship Status: Taken
  • All you need is love. But a little shopping doesn’t hurt
  • Better Than Candy
  • Say it with forever-in-bloom flowers for all your loves
  • Celebrate Yourself This February
  • Treat Yourself: Special Deals Beyond Valentine's
  • Self-Love Celebration: Exclusive Discounts Inside
  • Enjoy Your Own Company: Special Self-Care Offers
  • Because You Deserve It: Special Offers for Self-Care
  • Celebrate You: Special Offers for a Perfect Day
  • Just for You: Because Every Day is Special
  • Your Day, Your Way: Special Offers Just for You
  • Because Happiness is Homemade: Special Deals for You

Valentine's campaign with general greetings

Treats for Readers

Besides romantic love, Valentine’s Day also celebrates friendships, family, confidence and all the simple things that make people happy. Make your customers the center of your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns and offer them something they personally would love.

  • Celebrate Friendship and Joy: Special Valentine's Day Treats
  • Find Happiness in Little Things: Valentine's Day Specials
  • Share the Love: Valentine's Gifts for Friends and Family
  • Valentine's Joy for Everyone: Special Personal Offers
  • Find Your Valentine's Happiness: Special Deals Await
  • Treat Yourself and Loved Ones: Valentine's Day Specials
  • Love your Self(ie) with Peter’s New Collection
  • ❤️ Be Your Valentine ♥️
  • You’ve Got a Secret Admirer (and a HUGE deal!)
  • Valentine's Day gifts as low as $32 for you (and them!) ❤️
  • You’re sweet. Here’s 30% off for Valentine’s Day
  • You deserve it...FREE V-Day Bag & Lotion
  • send yourself a NEW scent. ❤️
  • Just for You | £30 off Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Do You Have Your Valentine's Day Dress
  • Exclusive Valentine’s Inside Just for U

V-Day email from MAC Cosmetics

Love and Congratulations

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation to customers and prospects. Even a simple greeting message can help you establish closer connections with your audience, remind them of your brand, and spread good Valentine’s vibes.

  • Sending You Our Warmest Valentine's Day Wishes!
  • A Special Valentine's Thank You for Your Continued Support
  • We're Grateful for You This Valentine's Day and Always
  • Valentine's Day Cheers to Our Loyal Supporters!
  • You Make Every Day Special: Happy Valentine's Day!
  • With Love and Thanks: Celebrating You This Valentine's!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • We love our guests all year round!
  • To: You. From: Us. ❤️
  • Sending all the X’s + O’s to you.
  • Happy Valentine's Day! We ❤ you
  • ❤️ We're passing you a love note
  • L-❤️-V-E
  • Sending You Love, Ain’t Anything Sweeter
  • Will You Be Our Valentine?
  • We ❤️ you

Happy Valentine's email


Valentine’s Day email subject lines and emojis seem like a match made in heaven. A picture is often worth a thousand words. That said, consider the effect emojis will have on your audience. Too many generic hearts and kissy faces may turn away potential buyers. Think about the unique message you want to deliver in your Valentine’s Day subject line and find a matching emoji to spruce it up.

  • Valentine’s Day Plans? 😎
  • Give the Gift of Gratitude
  • A Passion-Filled Valentine's Gifts ❤
  • ❤️Layered in Love❤️
  • The Valentine's Collection is Here! ❌ ⭕️
  • 10% Valentine's Discount Ends Soon ⏲️
  • Need the perfect gift? 🎁

Valentine’s Day email from Brandless

Finding the best V-Day email marketing strategy and the most effective Valentine's subject lines for your messages is a challenge only you can tackle. Use the above list to inspire your own Valentine’s Day emails, considering the unique wants of your customers and the nature of your business.

If you wish to kick-start your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, Yespo CDP has everything you need. Our vast library with hundreds of templates will provide you with a solid starting point for your campaign. Our powerful AI editor will help to refine your copy until it’s perfect for your exact audience.

If you don’t want to rely on emails alone – we’ve got you. Our suite of omnichannel tools will allow you to reach your readers in whatever channel they’re actively using.

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