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Updates of December 2021

Our platform's updates, December 2021

This month, our team worked mainly on 3 areas:

  • launch of a new communication channel App Inbox,
  • improvements for native subscription forms,
  • product recommendations.

You can find our November news here.

? New Channel App Inbox

App inbox messages are notifications displayed in the notification center within an app/website interface.

App inbox example

The main features of app inbox messages are that they

  • don't distract users from targeted actions. The user sees them only on your site and reads when it is convenient for them;
  • don't require a subscription. To send app inbox messages, you need to know the contact's email or phone number;
  • don't disappear after opening, unlike push notifications.

And the main advantage is that you can easily stand out from your competitors since so far few brands use this channel.

To enable the app inbox messaging, you need to get an authentication token and install the script. The message editor and reports are similar to other channels, so it's easy to figure out how to deal with app inbox campaigns.


The first 6 companies have already connected this channel for omnichannel campaigns. Request a demo to hear from our experts about the possibilities of this channel for your business.

Want to learn more about app inbox?

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Improvements to Subscription Forms


The new form option allows you to attract the users’ attention without annoying them. The icon always stays on the screen and moves as the page scrolls. It doesn't overlap the content and doesn't interfere with interacting with the site. You can remind those who have not yet subscribed to leave their contacts. Site visitors will be able to subscribe at a convenient moment.


Consents section

We've added a new section with drag-and-drop components. The first block Data processing and terms of use is already available. The block consists of a checkbox and text with a link, which are easy to edit.

Consents section

In the future, other popular blocks with checkboxes will be added here.

Form analytics

  • Now you can see the last page the form was shown in the View on page window.

View on page window

  • Views and subscriptions made in test mode are no longer taken into account. Statistics will be collected only after the form is published.


Positioning a floating form

We've added settings for the form position on mobiles.

Positioning a floating form

Form validation

  • When creating a form

It is no longer possible to publish a form in which

  • required fields (email or phone number) aren't set;
  • email, name, or phone number fields are duplicated;
  • there is no Subscribe button.

You’ll see the warning on the top bar and when publishing.

Error notification

  • In the Parameters tab

If there are errors or warnings, a notification will appear. By clicking on it, you'll be automatically directed to the error.

Form validation

More about subscription forms>>

Transferring API Recommendations

Our platform now supports calling recommendations via API. It allows you to create recommendations without setting up in your account its

  • appearance,
  • placements,
  • title.

These settings will need to be configured directly on the site.

Small But Important Improvements

New field button for creating additional fields

For your convenience, we've added a separate button for new fields creation next to the New list of fields button.

New field button

New API Resources

  • Now you can filter contact activity by web or mobile push token when received by the API method Get contacts activity.


  • We’ve added public API resources for getting ContactId by mobile and web token.

Pulse animation for web push subscription widget

A widget is a request prompt for collecting web push tokens displayed on the screen until the user allows notifications. Users who ignored the subscription request can later enable notifications using a widget.

Besides the fact that you can use your icon to attract attention, it is also easy to set different types of animation, including pulsing.

Pulse animation

More about widget customization>>

Choosing a default version for multilingual messages

Now you can assign any language version as the main one with one click. Available for all channels.

Set as default

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Sending activities via webhooks across all media channels

Previously, it was possible to send contact activity only for email and SMS channels. Now you can get information about the status and contact actions in the message in any channel:

  • send;
  • delivery;
  • delivery error;
  • open;
  • click;
  • unsubscribe;
  • unavailable when being sent;
  • spam.

Read more about webhooks and examples of their use in this article>>

To learn more about custom features, please email us or book a demo. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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