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New Features of June

System Updates of June 2020

Today, technologies are changing at a high speed, and our team always works hard to keep pace with modern IT trends and deliver you the latest marketing solutions. Take a look at the review of the new functionality and system updates of June. We’re sure they’ll help you improve your work in the system, and add to the overall efficiency of your marketing efforts.

If something of the below isn’t available for your account, please contact our support.

SRT Stripes in the Email Editor

SRT transformers define the conditions and order of data placement in your emails.

SRT blocks

SRT stripes automatically generate email content using an external data source and ready modules that determine the design and layout of the email.

You only need to set the block appearance and conditions for their display so that the email campaign is automatically filled with the right content when being launched.

SRT stripes

AMP Campaign Reports

We’ve redesigned and upgraded our reports for more convenience and added there separate tabs with AMP statistics. You can now switch between HTML and AMP HTML versions and compare their performance. Previously, you had to place additional pixels for tracking: now you can see detailed statistics without them.

AMP report

Some of the tabs of the AMP report:

  • Reaction time

You can see the stats for 24 hours or 7 days, and switch between HTML and AMP versions.

AMP report tabs

  • Segments

Here you can see statistics sorted by domain or segment.

AMP email report

  • Experiment

This tab is only available for campaigns for which you’ve conducted split testing of subject lines.

AMP campaign report

  • Multilanguage

This tab is available for multilingual campaigns.

AMP report sections

What's more, the statistics display has been improved as well. You can now 1) filter results by domain, segment, and language (for multilingual campaigns), 2) view statistics in number and percent values, and 3) copy the results of the tabs Segment and Experiment to Excel or Google Sheets.

AMP report functions

More details are in our support article AMP Campaign Reports.

Full Functionality for Website Recommendations

Functionality Updates

Website Recommendations

1. An instruction on how to find a CSS selector has been added to Placements.

Instruction on how to find a CSS selector

2. The following edit options are now available:

  • Make the recommendation visible to website visitors or visible only to you;
  • Replace the algorithm;
  • Edit the data source;
  • Change the placement;
  • Change the appearance;
  • Change the title.

Recommendation editing

3. Change history has been added.

Change history

4. In Appearance, you can choose from basic recommendation templates (7 at the moment) and custom templates (your previously saved appearances).

Recommendation templates

5. Updates in the appearance editor:

  • The editing window has been increased;
  • Help with tooltips has been added.


6. Now you can edit the placement:

  • in the general list (click the necessary placement);
  • when editing the recommendation.

Placement editing

More on website product recommendations.

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A new block Web Push to segment has been added to the workflow editor. It’s used to send web push notifications to a specific segment.

Workflow block

More on blocks 

Create broadcast 

You can now schedule web push campaigns using the resource Create broadcast. It works similarly to other media channels except when there are 2 or more sites (apps, assigned domains). In such a case, you need to specify the domain in the domain field, for example, domain: "example.com."

All available resources

Subscriber Engagement

Previously, this statistics was given for the past periods only. Now, you can view your subscriber engagement dynamics including the current week and month. To find that chart, go to Contacts - Analytics.

contacts analytics

Sender Information

In the email editor, the sender and their email address are now displayed next to the subject line. If the sender is unavailable (email is not confirmed, registered with a public domain, etc.), a warning will be given.

sender information in email

If you have questions about anything of the above, our support team would be glad to help.

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