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Kitaec case

Kitaec case: +1872% of orders from abandoned carts thanks to advanced segmentation

Segmentation is the cornerstone of successful marketing. But even if you divide the entire audience by gender, age and geography, you may not get the desired effect. And all because you need to consider many more factors to offer a product or service that is relevant to the user here and now. For this purpose, the CDP provides the "Advanced Segmentation" feature. Finally, we will tell you how we implemented advanced segmentation for an e-commerce project and what results we got in this case.

About the project

"Kitaec" is a supplier of spare parts for cars of Chinese brands. The company has been on the market since 2008. "Kitaec" has an online store, which also serves as a platform for selling cars.

Before working with the company used only the email channel, only primary triggers were configured: abandoned carts, abandoned views, and a welcome series.


The platform was tasked with improving marketing communications, and the staff of our agency Emailix offered to do this through the introduction of omnichannel and advanced segmentation.


To implement advanced segmentation and get the maximum effect from it, we did the following:

  • Installed a web tracking script on the site, uploaded a feed with goods; added the email parameter to the site layout for tracking;
  • Added recommendations to letters;
  • Implemented omnichannel communications, for which, first of all, we set up a client profile enrichment system and then updated the scripts for the "abandoned view" and "abandoned cart" trigger chains; changed the sending logic, and added Viber and push channels.
  • We set up additional triggers that are triggered by events generated using web tracking. In particular, reviews left by users about products are tracked, and a feedback letter is sent to customers. This setup allows you to close the gap between the first and second-order and retain the client, even if something went wrong during the first purchase.

Prospect Profile Improvement 

To use communication channels other than email, we collected additional customer information through promotions to collect web push tokens, capture email or get phone numbers.

It went as follows: a separate landing page was created with a lead form for contact information. As an incentive, prospects were offered early access to the sale. Then a mass mailing was carried out leading to this landing page. We received additional contact information that was not yet on the subscriber's card when filling out the form. 

LandingSince the prospect entered the email and phone number in the same form, all this data was assigned to one card without duplicates. Web push tokens were collected like this: the site visitor was shown a pop-up window offering to subscribe to push notifications. 

Contact informationThus, we achieved enrichment of prospect profiles with data. Over the year, 1153 profiles were enriched with email+viber+push data (at the beginning of 2020, there were 52 such prospects, and at the beginning of 2021 already 1205), as well as 17583 profiles enriched with email+viber data (at the beginning of 2020 there were no such prospects).

The dynamics of the growth of enriched prospects: 

The dynamics of the growth

Abandoned view

Only email was used before introducing advanced segmentation in the "Abandoned View" trigger scenario.

After introducing omnichannel and advanced segmentation, Viber and push were added to the chain, and sending is now carried out, according to the priority channel. To do this, we analyzed read rates and transitions in different channels. Viber turned out to be a priority for customers and subscribers of this particular store. 

Last post

Messages in all channels lead exactly to those products and categories the user was viewing. Even with push, the content is divided into product categories, and it is indicated which car brand the product suits. To implement this, a check was added to the script to see which cars the subscriber is interested in. As a result, push and Viber messages are sent to him, leading to the spare parts catalog of this particular brand:

Viber message

The scenario of the "abandoned view" trigger chain looks like this: an email with viewed products is sent, then it is checked which brand of car the subscriber belongs to, and a Viber message is sent to him, leading to the section with spare parts for cars of this brand. A day later, the purchase by this subscriber is checked, and if the result is negative, a push is sent.

An example of an email and a push message from the "abandoned view" chain:

ChainThe "abandoned cart" chain is omnichannel, and its mechanism is different from the "abandoned view." Since this is usually a higher conversion trigger than "abandoned view," we decided to use the more expensive and more popular channel among subscribers here - "Viber."

ExamplesThe sequence for sending notifications is as follows:

An example

  • For the abandoned cart chain, the following messages were created: 



During the use of advanced segmentation in this project, the profitability of all email channel triggers increased by 138%.

ResultsBut the most impressive results were obtained for the primary triggers – abandoned views and abandoned carts.

The increase in the profitability of the "abandoned view" chain after introducing advanced segmentation was 467%.

Launching an omnichannel "abandoned cart" trigger chain based on a priority channel using Viber, email, and push resulted in an increase in the number of orders by 1872% (206 last-click conversions in 2020 compared to 11 charges in 2019) and an increase in revenue this trigger by 3983%.


Advanced segmentation can be applied to solve business problems. In this case the functionality was used to:

  • add product category and brand segmentation to abandoned cart and abandoned view triggers;
  • use product recommendations in emails;
  • implement additional triggers for events on the site (for example, a new review on the site).

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