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Maudau case study - widgets segmentation

How to increase the subscriber base and segment it by preferences: the experience of MAUDAU

To increase profits from direct channels, it's important to grow the subscriber base for mailings. However, not only the quantity of communications matters but also their quality. Direct marketing can be made successful through audience segmentation and email personalization, and for this, a company needs to collect and update customer data.

The Ukrainian brand MAUDAU not only attracts new subscribers through widgets on the website but also successfully communicates with users and increases profits from direct channels. In this case study, we will explain how the specialists at the Promodo agency set up the collection of contacts on the MAUDAU website and their segmentation using the functionality of Yespo CDP.

About the Project and Goals

MAUDAU positions itself as a "market of important things" and offers everyday products and convenient service. The brand communicates with customers through email, SMS, Viber, and widgets. To ensure a high-quality user experience, the company collects customer data through CDP. MAUDAU uses this information for marketing personalization, for example, generating product recommendations.

Yespo CDP can collect and process a large volume of complex information in real time. For instance, data about user actions on the website, in the application, and in direct channels. To create product recommendations, AI algorithms consider the personal information of clients, data about their behavior and the behavior of other website visitors, and product attributes. This allows for making accurate offers to clients, which are more likely to interest them.

In the context of this case study, the company wanted to collect more contact data from website visitors and segment subscribers to send them relevant offers for specific product categories.


To increase the contact base on the MAUDAU site, a subscription form was created, which allowed visitors to receive a bonus after a subscription.

To segment contacts, it was necessary to collect additional customer data. For this purpose, specialists from Promodo chose the GiftBox and Quiz mechanics.

CDP allows segmenting the contact base and managing these groups within a single system: automate interaction using triggers, analyze changes in segments, and conduct A/B testing to determine the best approaches in communications. Read more about basic and advanced segmentation on the Yespo platform here.

Widget with a survey

On the MAUDAU site, a survey was created and displayed for a month. Visitors were offered to answer questions about their attitude towards alcohol and receive a gift for filling out the form.

Survey on the website

Depending on the answers, the sequence of questions changed, and in the case of a negative response, it stopped. In any case, the surveyed users received an email with a promo code for related products in their cart.

Email with promo code


During the month of displaying the survey, the following results were achieved:

  • 1.31% of website visitors filled out the form.
  • 69% is the amount of new contacts among those who filled out the form and confirmed their email.
  • 52% of contacts made a purchase.

Thanks to this survey, the business:

  • identified a segment of contacts interested in alcohol;
  • will be able to avoid negative reactions from users who are not interested in this category of products;
  • gained additional revenue through upselling.
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Widget with a gift

To attract more new subscribers, the company decided to use its birthday as an occasion. For this purpose, a popup was created inviting visitors to receive a birthday gift from MAUDAU.

Interactive mechanics:

  1. When a visitor stays on the site for a certain amount of time, a popup appears offering to leave an email and receive a gift.
  2. If the user fills out the form, they will receive an email with a code to confirm the entered email.
  3. After entering the code, the subscriber can open their gift and receive a promo code for a varying amount — 25, 65, or 200 UAH.

 Widget with a gift

The company sent the promo code in an email:

Letter with a promocode

Not every user received a promo code with a discount, but they could try their luck again. To do this, the visitor could fill out the form again, leave their phone number, and confirm it.

Additional widgets with new fields


In three weeks of displaying the widget on the website, the following results were achieved:

  • 3.42% of website visitors filled out the form.
  • 62% is the amount of new contacts among those who filled out the form and confirmed their email.
  • 52% of the contacts made a purchase.

Subscription form with a bonus

To expand the database with new active contacts, a subscription form was placed on the MAUDAU website, offering a choice of bonus — a discount or free delivery.

After filling out the form, the user received an email with a code to confirm their email address.

Additionally, the form provided an opportunity to gain extra benefits by specifying the birthday.

Subscription form


In three weeks of displaying the subscription form on the website, we achieved:

  • 2.3% conversion rate of website visitors who filled out the form.
  • 98% of new contacts among those who filled out the form and confirmed their email.
  • 56% of the contacts who made a purchase.

Among the visitors who filled out the form:

  • 81.3% chose free delivery.
  • 18.7% chose a promo code.

Important Details

For both email addresses and phone numbers, double opt-in was used when gathering subscriber data. This ensures that only genuinely interested users' contacts are collected. In the Yespo system, you can set up automatic email sending following subscription form completion.

If a user was already subscribed to the company's newsletters and their information was in the Yespo system, they did not receive a confirmation email.

To ensure a quality user experience, cookies were used. When a visitor went to their email to copy the confirmation code and returned, they were shown the last relevant stage of the form.


Compared to average subscriber base growth metrics, all three widgets brought excellent results:

  • 15% increase from the survey widget.
  • 46% increase from the gift widget.
  • 79% increase from the subscription form.

MAUDAU successfully collects and utilizes customer data to enhance interactions with its target audience. Besides the described case, the MAUDAU specialists also used widgets on certain category pages, successfully increasing sales of discounted items by 19%.

If you also want to collect customer data, personalize client experiences, and increase company revenues, book a demo with Yespo specialists. We will surely find solutions relevant to your business.

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