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HeyLocate case study

HeyLocate Case Study: How to Automate Communication with the Audience From Different Countries

Task Convert site visitors into leads and start selling through direct channels
Hypothesis Attracting site visitors to warm-up chains with relevant offers and promo codes will allow the company to get more purchases
Solution Add subscription forms to the site
Set up welcome chains in email and web push channels
Results Attracted 643 contacts from email; 23,691 contacts from web push
The first conversions from email and web push were received a month after the launch
Collaboration period February – May 2023
Resources Yespo agency marketers
Audience 820K traffic: EN, US, ES, TR, FR, PT
Specifics Multilingual widgets and messages

One of the keys to business success is communicating to customers in their language. 71% of survey participants noted that it is important for them to get product offers in their native language. However, creating, for example, one promo email can take more than two weeks. What about companies that have an audience from different countries?

Yespo omnichannel CDP helps speed up multilingual communication by 5 times. This is an easy way to ensure that your messages are understood by all customers. In our case study, we will tell you how the HeyLocate company uses the multilingual function in web pushes, emails and widgets.

About the Project

HeyLocate is the leading public information search engine. The company offers the following opportunities:

  • location search by phone number;
  • reverse search of information by last name, first name, phone, email and home address.

People mainly use this system to find lost phones, validate calls from unknown numbers, and track elderly relatives and children.

The company not only offers its own products but also cooperates with partner monitoring services and places their offers on the site on PPC landings. However, it turned out that it was not enough to bring relevant traffic to receive income from such campaigns. The HeyLocate team had an idea to supplement PPC campaigns with mailings in cheap direct channels: email and web push.

Then, the question arose: how to convert a site visitor into a lead, and then into a buyer?

The HeyLocate team turned to the Yespo omnichannel CDP agency to help create the strategy of attracting and implementing automated sales funnels.

Let's take a closer look at what chains and subscription forms we set up, as well as how the functionality of multilingual widgets helped attract audiences from different countries.


The first step was to set up a HeyLocate account on the Yespo platform. After that, agency specialists started creating creatives and chains.

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The work plan included 8 stages:

  1. Setting up a web push subscription
  2. Connecting widgets
  3. Domain verification
  4. Creating email senders
  5. Setting up the unsubscribe page for email newsletters
  6. Creating a letter template
  7. Creating multilingual workflows
  8. Creation of email chains and landing page widgets


Setting up a web push subscription

To connect the web push channel and collect subscriber tokens, it was necessary to:

  1. Connect the site to the Yespo account.
  2. Customize the subscription box.

The "Standard in 1 click" format was chosen for subscription. It allows you to quickly collect a large base, but there is a possibility that its quality will not be high enough. The agency's specialists understood the risks but decided to choose this format in order to quickly assemble a multilingual database and test the communication chains.

Web push subscription prompt settings

Connecting widgets

To publish widgets on the site, you need to install the script. It's easy to get it: in the Yespo account, you need to enter the domain of your site in the binding window. Next, the system automatically generates the code and gives hints about where to insert the script.

After this setting, the account user can create and publish any widgets without interfering with the site code.

Linking a website for widget publication

Domain verification

Domain verification in the Yespo CDP account is a mandatory condition when working with subscription forms and email campaigns.

We have verified so that no message is rejected by mail servers or recipients and does not end up in the "Spam" folder. For this, the "Subdomain" option was chosen. It allows you to separate the reputation of marketing campaigns from important service and transactional emails sent from the company's main domain.

Sub domain verification

Creating email senders

For the "Subdomain" verification option, it is easier to create sender emails than for any other. You don't even need to go to the hosting provider's website for this. It is enough to add the necessary email names and enter the reply address in the Yespo account in the "Settings" → "Email senders" section. has been created for automated campaigns and for future promo campaigns. For answers, any mail that is not from a verified domain is suitable. So, if it is blocked, important letters from customers will be able to reach the company. From this address, HeyLocate confirmed the added senders, and they became available in Yespo.

Email senders

Setting up the unsubscribe page for email newsletters

In the Yespo system, there are two standard forms of unsubscribing from newsletters: in 1 click and in 2 clicks (Double Opt-In). HeyLocate chose the first option without changing the page design.

The unsubscription form

Creating a letter template 

We prepared a general email design, on the basis of which we created all subsequent messages. The template was developed according to the brief agreed by HeyLocate management.

The ready-made design looks as follows:

Letter template with blocks

Creating multilingual workflows

HeyLocate's communication chains cover the following languages:

  • English (British and American);
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • French;
  • Turkish.

Specialists of the Yespo agency got acquainted with the offers for each audience and interviewed representatives of HeyLocate. This helped determine how to solve the pain points of the leads.

Sequences for web push subscribers

First, we created a warm-up sequence for leads from the most popular PPC landing page, Track Phone Number. It contains an affiliate offer, thanks to which the user can track the location by phone number.

Landing page with a web push subscription prompt

In the sequence of messages, we decided to encourage leads with partnership offers with promotional codes, give advice on using the service and help choose solutions that solve the audience's current problems.

The workflow looks like this:

Structure of the welcome sequence

For further audience segmentation, at the end of the sequence, all subscribers were divided into 2 groups:

  • Those who clicked on the promo code
  • Those who did not click on the promo code

Push messages looked like this:

5 examples of web push notifications

The next step was to develop a TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps landing workflow. Since the goal of the page is to introduce and encourage visitors to use top trackers, in the web push chain we decided to provide partner offers and encourage followers to switch to the best tracking applications.

Welcome sequence for a TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps LP

In this workflow, we only waited one day after each message. Since the landing page itself is multi-offer and promotes various trackers, we decided to test the hypothesis: if the person did not like the offer from the first push, it is necessary to quickly give subsequent offers without losing the client's attention.

Some apps offered similar features, so we combined them into one message. The sequence of pushes was determined by the position of the application in the rating of 7 programs from the highest to the lowest.

The messages looked like this:

6 examples of web push notifications

Creation of multilingual web pushes

After creating a sequence of messages, Yespo agency specialists developed a technical task for translating texts into different languages because not all English-language messages were suitable for other locales.

Multilingual content for web push sequences

All that remained was to enter the finished translations of the texts into the Yespo message editor.

Adding language versions in the web push editor

Important: to send multilingual messages, you need to connect to the Professional pricing plan.

Start sending multilingual messages!

Creation of email sequences and landing page widgets

Creating widgets

Two widgets were created and configured to attract and warm email subscribers from priority PPC landing pages — Track Phone Number and TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps.

A promotional code with a 70% discount on the top tracker was placed on the registration form for the Track Phone Number landing page. This is an offer from one of HeyLocate's partners.

What the widget looks like:

Exit popup with a 70% discount offer

First, we created messages in English, and after developing the translations, we filled the language versions of the widgets with texts. English was chosen as the default version.

Multilingual versions of widgets

Widget display conditions:

  • once per session;
  • when the visitor stayed on the page for 12 seconds or removed the cursor from the page;
  • stop showing if the visitor closes the widget twice or unsubscribes from it;
  • show on all types of devices;
  • only on pages where the URL is equal to the landing address;
  • show for all countries.

For the TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps page, we developed a widget with a subscription for an additional 5% discount on the top tracker. Since discounts from partners were already posted on the landing page, we decided to emphasize the "Unlock additional discount" call-to-action.

Exit popup with an additional discount

Language versions:

  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • French;
  • Turkish.

The conditions for displaying the widget were the same as in the previous one. We changed only the URL.

Widget rules for TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps page

"These were new campaigns and new landings, so we wanted to test the largest segment, which is the most convenient to work with. Other campaigns were still being optimized, so I didn't really want to immediately launch a subscription for them, which had not yet been worked out." 

Yehor Velichkovsky, Chief Product Officer of HeyLocate

Development of subscription confirmation sequences

HeyLocate's partners use email to confirm a user's subscription and remind them the next day. We decided to apply the same logic to HeyLocate letters.

Yespo specialists created a basic confirmation email and indicated everything necessary in the account in the "Actions after form submission" section.

Automation of Double Opt-In for Yespo widgets

The sending of letters with a reminder to confirm the email was configured with the help of two additional scripts. They have a condition checked a day after sending the first confirmation letter, whether the contact has confirmed their mail. If not, a second confirmation message is sent. For each landing, a script was created with a corresponding message in the reminder letter.

Email reminders to confirm the email address

Double Opt-In letters are multilingual: we have added the appropriate versions — EN, US, ES, TR, FR and PT. Yespo omnichannel CDP determines the language for displaying the widget based on the browser language, data in the site address or a special parameter of the page code. All followers from a specific widget locale in the contact profile will have the same language. Based on these data, the system determines in which language to display the content of any message.

Immediately after confirming the email address, the subscriber was sent a corresponding series of welcome letters.

The logic of the welcome series

Track Phone Number. For this landing page, we first developed a scheme with segmentation of interests and checks for reading and clicks. For example, if a person did not open the first letter with an offer, an additional promotional code should be offered in the second. A mandatory stage is to track the category of interests in the letter by clicking on the buttons with the names of these categories.

Scheme with segmentation of interests and action checks

This is the initial logic of welcome chains approved by HeyLocate's marketing department. However, the process of preparing the content and translations was delayed due to the high labor intensity, so the workflow scheme was simplified.

We decided to send two messages with an interval of 3 days to evaluate the feedback from the first two offers.

Initial logic of the welcome sequence

TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps. For users who subscribed on the landing page with the offer of top trackers, the letter initially gave a promised discount — an additional 5% for the best application. After that, we decided to talk in more detail about other landing services. All content was contained in 4 messages.

Emails with the most popular offers were sent first, followed by less popular offers. In order not to spam inactive subscribers, before sending the latest emails, they checked the reading of the previous ones:

  • if the contact did not read the second email, they waited another day to send the third;
  • if the contact did not read the third letter during the previous two days, the fourth message was not sent.

 Logic of the welcome sequence from the widget on the landing page TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps

Welcome letters content

Letters from the workflow for Track Phone Number landing:

Letter 1. Subject: 1st Discount Here

Preheader: Apply -75% OFF on uMobix

Letter 2. Subject: 30% OFF on mSpy™

Preheader: Monitor almost any data on the target device

Emails from a sequence for Track Phone Number page

Letters from the sequence for landing TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps:

Letter 1. Subject: Your Additional Discount Here

Preheader: Apply 5% OFF on uMobix

Letter 2. Subject: 30% OFF on mSpy™

Preheader: Monitor almost any data on the target device

Letter 3. Subject: 3 More monitoring solutions

Preheader: for cell phone tracking

Letter 4. Subject: Phone number tracking in 1..2..3 seconds

Preheader: 2 realistic options

Emails from a sequence for TOP 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps

Analytics and Results

The results were influenced by the quality of the traffic on the landing pages. American, Spanish, British and Brazilian visitors came in the most, so they were expected to get the highest sales and engagement rates.

The efficiency of the warm-up workflows was analyzed in two ways:

  • by the number of transactions and return on investment;
  • by the number of engaged contacts.

Transactions were tracked using UTM tags: a key was inserted into the email or web push in the UTM campaign to automatically substitute the name of the channel, the language version of the message, its name and the date of sending.

The key looked like this: $mediaType_$messageLang_$messageName_$dateStart.

Tracking transactions with UTM tags

The volume of involved contacts by email channel was analyzed on the dashboard of widgets. There, the Yespo system displays the following statistics:

  • how many views were during the period;
  • how many subscribers the widget brought;
  • conversion rate.

Statistics for widgets

Subscribers are those users who simply fill out the form. But we considered contacts who confirmed their email in the Double Opt-In series to be really engaged. Their number was determined using conditional segmentation.

Conditions for dynamic segments

Engaged web push subscribers were determined by 3 features:

  • the welcome series has been launched;
  • followed the link in the message at least once;
  • clicked on the message with the promo code.

We placed subscribers who were not engaged by the welcome communication into a separate group based on the following characteristics:

  • the welcome series has been launched;
  • left the sequence and did not click on the promo code.

From February to May 2023, it was possible to launch welcome web push campaigns for 117,039 contacts. Among them:

  • 2448 clicked at least once;
  • 1835 clicked on a message with a promo code.

The first conversion was received in March from the first message in English.

The first popup with the Track phone number workflow for a month of work:

  • was displayed 128,232 times;
  • converted 2899 subscribers, of which 599 confirmed their email.

The second popup with the Best cell phone tracker apps in 10 days:

  • was displayed 13,183 times;
  • converted 336 subscribers, 63 of whom confirmed their email;
  • generated 1 transaction from the first message in English.

"I really liked working with the Yespo team, which suggested good ideas and quickly implemented them. All work is documented and entered into the system, so you can see the tasks’ status and results at any time. The base growth rate was greater than our team predicted. As for sales, we need to work on this point with partners. Sales are quite impulsive and fast, so some mechanics may not work properly."

 Yehor Velichkovsky, Chief Product Officer of HeyLocate

Future Plans

"We do not stop there. Currently, we continue to collect the database and consider how to properly use it to increase sales. As an option, we are considering third-party products that will be interesting to our audience."

Yehor Velichkovsky, Chief Product Officer of HeyLocate

Do you want to automate multilingual communication with customers, make it efficient and increase sales? Sign up for a demo with Yespo CDP specialists to find the best solution for your business.

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