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Emails We Love: Best Email Examples of August

Emails We Love: Best Email Examples of August

There's never been a more urgent need to create original email designs. As online shopping becomes commonplace, more brands send regular promo emails, while consumers increasingly demand creativity and personalization.

In this list, I’ll review the most appealing emails our team received in August, specifying what elements caught our eyes.


Sender: Rebel Dawg

Subject & preheader: 25% Off Our Hippie Collection! ✌??☮️ - Life is Rough Have a Puff and Spoil Your Dog ??

We we like it:

  • Event marketing in action. Nothing makes a better occasion for a dog fashion shop than National Spoil Your Dog Day.
  • Fun copy.
  • Limited offer creates fear of missing out and speeds up decision making.

Spoil Your Dog Day email example


Sender: Really Good Emails

Subject: They call me mellow yellow.

We we like it:

  • Color palette. Yellow sets the ultimate summer mood.
  • Content inside (GIF of the week) complements the overall design.

Newsletter by Really Good Emails


Sender: Credo Beauty

Subject & preheader: You're Invited ? Katey Denno Virtual Class 8/26 - 10-piece kit included with ticket!

We we like it:

  • Virtual events aren’t only for business webinars and international conferences. Any customers could appreciate expert advice or Q&A with the company’s specialist provided you choose a relevant topic.
  • Explaining what’s inside a discounted kit can prompt people to respond to the offer more willingly.

Invitation email example

RSVP Button in Gmail Inbox

Now it’s even more convenient for customers to interact with your emails in Gmail. You can add Actions – buttons that allow to perform certain actions directly inside Gmail Inbox without opening the email - and highlight the most important information from the start.


Sender: hardgraft

Subject & preheader: Lock Up - HOLD ON TO THE GOOD

We we like it:

  • 50 shades of grey give the template a classic touch.
  • A key belt is promoted as if it’s the most luxury accessory you can possibly have.

Promo email example



Subject & preheader: Grounded Plants Is Crowdfunding! - Read more to see how we are expanding our business to offer you more :)

We we like it:

  • Who says crowdfunding is for high tech only? Any idea can get community support provided you explain it the right way and provide enough information. Email is still the main communication channel so using it not only for promos but also for announcements like this is always a smart idea.

Promo email example

All tools to create and send mass and transactional emails


Sender: The Celtic Manor Re.

Subject: October Half Term Getaway ?

We we like it:

  • Early marketing birds catch the worm. Holiday trip decisions aren’t made in one day. People need to arrange a lot of things, from days off at work to tickets, so it’s better to send warming messages before the actual dates. Be it a school break vacation or holiday yacht regatta, give people time to digest your offer and make a decision without rush.

Promo email example


Sender: Bliss

Subject & preheader: Take The Clear Genius Quiz! ? - Are You A #CleanGenius?

We we like it:

Email with product recommendations

Email Recommendations

In our platform, you can select different algorithms for the block with product recommendations: items abandoned in the cart, items with similar prices, browse recommendations, reactivation recommendations, etc. You can also configure the number of product cards, their placement and appearance in the email.

The content for the block will be automatically taken straight from the website based on the product feed you upload. You don’t need code knowledge or constant manual settings to send personalized recommendations to every customer.


Sender: sweetgreen

Subject & preheader: get a $5 credit - take 5

We we like it:

  • People don’t sign up with loyalty programs not because they aren’t interested but because the terms and eventual benefit are often unclear. Explain in simple steps the application process and what the person gets by joining your reward program.

Promo email by Sweetgreen


Sender: The Sill

Subject: Happy Succulent Saturday!

We we like it:

  • If no relevant event is going to happen any soon, invent one. Succulent Saturday or Taco Friday sound as good as National Plant Day or Mexican Food Day.
  • Upselling through helpful tips and educational content is easier than upselling through plain call to shop.

Newsletter example


Sender: Basil Tree Catering

Subject: Four Quick Food Questions for You

We we like it:

  • Personalized approach. First Basil Tree Catering ran a survey for all subscribers and then launched one more with more specific clarifying answers for those who participated. Thus, they can be sure the answers are given by their target audience and can be considered trustworthy.

Survey email example

Last post


Sender: On

Subject: ☁️ Finally launched: our new apparel collection

We we like it:

  • Minimalism in action. Enough white space, regular buttons, short copy - the template design is pretty simple yet appealing.

Promo email by On


Sender: Tattly

Subject: A little email with some big news

We we like it:

  • Communication is key to loyalty. Email doesn’t have to serve the advertising purposes only. Use it to deliver important messages, like change of work hours, moving to a new address, introducing a new team member, etc.

Notification email example


Sender: Pasta Evangelists

Subject & preheader: Have £10 off your next box on us - Last chance to order from this week’s menu

We we like it:

  • Pasta Evangelists promo code as text and not image. Surprisingly how many email marketers still insert promo codes as images while this way they’re impossible to copy and paste in one click. You need to memorize them and then enter manually and I doubt that many people would opt for it unless you’re offering a completely free giveaway.
  • Email signed by Alessandro rather by the company name makes this message sound friendly and personal.

Promo email example


Sender: ban.do

Subject & preheader: Available Now: 12-Month Planners - Start your 2020 planning.

We we like it:

Promo email example


Sender: Bombas

Subject: A Message For Runners

We we like it:

  • Combo of user-generated content and storytelling. Such emails don’t mean to generate instant sales; their task is to build a proper company image and strengthen the community around the brand.

Email by Bombas

And don’t forget that whatever design you’d like to select for your emails, it can be created in our email editor. It supports AMP, custom fonts, multilingual messaging, dynamic content, personalized promo codes and many other features that will help make your campaigns look great and perform great.

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