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Best Customer Management Software for Your Business

20+ Best CRM Systems for Your Business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software tool that stores customer information (name, age, contact information, etc.) collected on multiple platforms, and provides its seamless management. It also tracks customer activity and behavior (website visits, emails phone calls, messages) and helps build a unified customer profile.

In today’s digital market, many companies provide CRM solutions with different functionality and pricing plans. What you choose depends on your business goals, number of users, and, of course, budget. Below, we’ll provide short overviews of 20 leading CRM systems, so that you can pick up the right tool suitable for your brand and team.

1. Salesforce

CRM marketing

Salesforce is a multitasking cloud-based CRM system designed to manage large projects. The offered solutions are divided by business type (small business, nonprofit, startups), role (sales, service, marketing, IT), need (productivity, AI, mobility, collaboration), and industry (retail, media, etc.).

Basic Functionality

  • guided onboarding and setup;
  • automated emails and meeting tracking;
  • leads, opportunities, and accounts management;
  • custom dashboards and reports;
  • support across different communication platforms;
  • customer self-service.


All pricing plans require an annual contract. Monthly pricing is available for Essentials edition.

Essentials: $25 per user/month;

Sales Professional: $75 per user/month;

Service Professional: $75 per user/month;

Pardot Growth: $1,250 per month, up to 10,000 contacts.

Free trial: 14 days.

2. Zoho

CRM software

Zoho replaces all paper-based processes with one operating platform. Integrated applications enable automated business management and enhance productivity. Company’s solutions help evaluate how and when prospects, contacts, leads, and clients interact with your brand.

Basic Functionality

  • omnichannel communication;
  • automation of repetitive tasks;
  • real-time analytics;
  • built-in AI-powered sales assistant;
  • real-time notifications for email opens, website visits, social activity, etc.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Standard: €18/12 per user/month;

Professional: €30/20 per user/month;

Enterprise: €45/35 per user/month.

Ultimate Edition: €100 per user/month, available only for an annual contract.

Free Edition: for 3 users.

Free trial: 15 days.

3. NetHunt CRM


NetHunt CRM blends entirely with Gmail helping you to manage your customers, leads and sales on the go. Customer profiles, deals and opportunities, data filters, team collaboration, email tracking, and much more is available next to your inbox. Simple setup process, familiar UI, and personal guidance of customer success allow quick integration.

Basic Functionality

  • lead capturing;
  • pipeline and deals stage management;
  • full integration with G Suite apps;
  • integration with Linkedin and other apps via Zapier;
  • automated contact sync;
  • bulk email campaigns with open and clicks tracking;
  • dashboard, reporting, and tasks;
  • extensive customisation;


Both monthly and annual options are available.

Professional Plan: $30/24 per user;

Professional Plus Plan: $34/28 per user;

Enterprise Plan: $60/48 per user;

Free trial: 14 days.

4. HubSpot

CRM platform

The CRM by HubSpot enables managing your contact list and sales pipeline, and its main advantage is free access for unlimited users. You can customize all features to your company's individual sales process.

Basic Functionality

  • ticketing;
  • live chat;
  • calling;
  • meeting scheduling;
  • productivity reports;
  • reporting dashboards;
  • email tracking and notifications;
  • messenger integration.


Free usage with monthly limits.

Paid accounts for access to higher limits and premium tools (monthly/yearly options):

Starter: $50/40 per user/month;

Professional: $500/400 per user/month, 5 users;

Enterprise: $1,200, per month, 10 users. Available only for an annual contract.

5. SugarCRM

Best CRM for small business

SugarCRM provides tools for collaboration of sales and services teams to provide support across the entire customer lifecycle. Intuitive campaign builders, advanced automation and analytics can be a good fit to any business type, be it a CRM for a startup, small business or enterprise.

Basic Functionality

  • calendar and reminder system;
  • self-service portal and knowledge base;
  • lead scoring;
  • internal chat integration;
  • marketing automation integration.


All pricing plans require an annual contract.

Sugar Professional: $40 per month;

Sugar Enterprise: $65 per month;

Sugar Serve: $80 per month;

Sugar Sell: $80 per month;

Sugar Market: $1,000 per month.

Custom free trial depending on the number of employees in your organization: 7 days.

6. Pipedrive

CRM for small business

Pipedrive is a suitable solution for small sales teams. It helps manage leads and deals, and track communication across multiple channels.

Basic Functionality

  • custom pipeline and stages;
  • customizable dashboard;
  • sales task automation;
  • AI sales assistant;
  • batch emailing;
  • revenue forecasting.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Essential: $15/12.50 per user;

Advanced: $29/25 per user;

Professional: $59/50 per user;

Enterprise: $99 per user. Available only for an annual contract.

Free trial: 14 days.

7. Freshsales CRM

CRM solutions

Freshsales is a contact management system that doesn’t require extensive tech knowledge. In-app video tutorials, articles, and extensive support resources simplify the work process with the features that require setting configuration.

Basic Functionality

  • lead management;
  • auto profile enrichment;
  • visual sales pipeline;
  • simple drag-and-drop navigation;
  • action-oriented follow-ups;
  • behavior-based segmentation;
  • personalized voicemail messages.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Blossom: $19/12 per user;

Garden: $35/25 per user;

Estate: $65/49 per user;

Forest: $79 per user. Available only for an annual contract.

Free trial: 21 days.

8. Nimble

CRM services

Nimble simplifies the process of finding accurate contact info and then connecting it to the corresponding customer contacts. The system allows to connect email and social accounts to follow the feeds and interact with the contacts in real time.

Basic Functionality

  • single intuitive dashboard;
  • accessible contact records;
  • segmentation;
  • Stay in Touch reminders;
  • unified activity tracking dashboard;
  • advanced calendars.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Nimble Business: $25/19 per user/month.

Free trial: 14 days.

9. LeadDelta

LeadDelta HomePage

LeadDelta solves the problem of having a LinkedIn network filled with valuable connections without a way to manage it. It allows teams to organize their network in a CRM-like view and start meaningful conversations without distractions. It includes tools that save teams time in finding the right connections and information with the power of their combined network.

Basic Functionality

  • connection dashboard 15+ data points;
  • advanced filters;
  • customizable tags;
  • connection notes;
  • smart inbox;
  • network analytics;
  • bulk messaging with message templates;
  • integrations;


Monthly: $29 per user/month

Annual: $19 per user/month

Free trial: 10 Days.

10. Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a comprehensive cloud-based software tailored for recruitment and executive search firms of all sizes. It offers an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) combined with a Recruitment CRM, enabling recruiters to manage everything from sourcing candidates on LinkedIn to collecting client feedback.

Basic Functionality

  • convert PDF & Word documents into candidates within seconds;
  • connect with over 5000 apps via Zapier;
  • utilize powerful Boolean + Filter search for keywords in fields and resume files;
  • easily tag candidates with similar skill sets or locations;
  • visualize real-time data on tasks, sales, and recruitment pipelines;
  • send personalized emails to hundreds of candidates or contacts simultaneously;
  • drag & drop Kanban view of candidates within hiring pipelines.


Pricing details are available upon contacting the vendor.

Free trial: available.

Demo: Recruit CRM offers live demos to understand the product better.

11. Less Annoying CRM

Customer management system

Less Annoying CRM is a solution for small businesses that help manage contacts, track leads, and stay on top of follow-ups. The simple setup process takes little time, and is supported by a video introduction demonstrating how the system works.

Basic Functionality

  • events and tasks on one calendar;
  • simple lead report;
  • powerful customization;
  • access from any device without syncing;
  • easy import;
  • one-click export.


One pricing plan: $10 per user/month.

Free trial: 30 days.

12. Insightly

CRM software for small business

Insightly is an easy-to-use customer relationship management system that allows to track and manage every step of the customer journey. The automation and customization options allow special setup for all business operations.

Basic Functionality

  • lead routing;
  • workflow automation;
  • relationship linking;
  • integration with external systems.


All pricing plans require an annual contract.

Plus: $29 per user/month;

Professional: $49 per user/month;

Enterprise: $99 per user/month.

Free trial: available.

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13. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a CRM tool that ensures campaign management and delivers predictive insights to drive sales productivity and effectiveness of the marketing strategies.

Basic Functionality

  • customer insights;
  • Microsoft relationship sales;
  • remote assist;
  • supply chain management;
  • fraud protection.


Available 30 pricing plans depending on your business area and functionality: $20 to $10,000 per user/month.

14. ACT! CRM

Customer relationship management software

Act! is a CRM that serves to collect customer lead info in a single database. It can integrate with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Google Contacts, Gmail and other tools for customer communication.

Basic Functionality

  • contact automation;
  • groups and filters;
  • event marketing;
  • document storage;
  • social media integration;
  • call lists and hot leads;
  • task management.


All pricing plans require an annual contract.

Starter: €20 per user/month;

Professional: €31 per user/month;

Premier: €60 per user/month;

Ultimate:€99 per user/month.

Free trial in two versions: 14 days.

15. Nutshell

Customer management software

Nutshell enables customization, automation, and analytics to monitor your sales performance. The system is easy to use and has understandable pricing options.

Basic Functionality

  • centralized customer database;
  • automated contact sync;
  • interactive map view;
  • unlimited bulk email templates;
  • funnel report;
  • post-sale lead management.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Starter: $22/19 per user/month;

Pro: $39/35 per user/month.

Free trial: 14 days.

16. Apptivo

customer relationship marketing

Apptivo is a simple system for sending reminders, and storing contacts, files, and message history. You can upgrade functionality by purchasing apps from AppStore in several clicks.

Basic Functionality

  • lead capture;
  • advanced searches;
  • lead conversion;
  • G Suite integration;
  • performance dashboard;
  • multiple sales pipeline;
  • win/loss analysis.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Premium: $10/8 per user;

Ultimate: $25/20 per user;

Enterprise: custom.

Free plan: Starter, for 3 users.

Free trial: 30 days.

17. Keap CRM

CRM for business

Keap CRM is an easy-to-use solution that simplifies your business workflow: keeps track of the customer activity and helps figure out the most effective selling opportunities. A very convenient CRM for small business

Basic Functionality

  • follow-ups and set reminders;
  • communication management;
  • landing page builder;
  • smart forms and reports;
  • lead scoring and company records;
  • advanced reporting.


Each pricing plan includes 1 user license. Additional users can be purchased for $30 per month.

Keap Grow: $49 per user/month;

Keep Pro: $99 per user/month;

Infusionsoft: $199 per user/month.

Free trial: 14 days.

18. Agile CRM

Ecommerce CRM

Agile CRM is an all-in-one platform for small and medium businesses. Among others, it has tools for sales tracking, marketing automation, contact management, and web analytics

Basic Functionality

  • all-in-one system for consistent messaging;
  • sales process tracking;
  • call scripts and voicemail automation;
  • drag-n-drop designer for marketing workflows;
  • customer feedback analysis;
  • pre-formatted responses.


Available monthly, yearly and two years options.

Starter: $15/10/9 per user/month;

Regular: $50/40/30 per user/month;

Enterprise: $80/65/48 per user/month.

Free plan: for 10 users.

19. Streak

CRM for Gmail

Streak is an extension inside your Inbox that helps manage tasks across Gmail. It has a quick download, and a convenient dropdown menu with all the necessary settings and support information.

Basic Functionality

  • task and reminders;
  • custom columns and fields;
  • search and autocomplete;
  • import and export.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Professional: $59/49 pre user;

Enterprise: $159/129 per user.

Free plan: Personal.

Free trial: 14 days.

Separate pricing plans for nonprofits.

20. Capsule

Customer relationship management process

Capsule offers sales forecasting and provides information support across the entire customer lifecycle: lead cathing, sales order, upsell, follow-up support.

Basic Functionality

  • custom fields;
  • configurable sales milestones;
  • user-defined filtered lists;
  • reporting by team;
  • add-ons marketplace.


Professional: €12 per user/month;

Teams: €24 per user/month.

Free plan: for 2 users.

Free trial: 30 days.

21. Zendesk

Best CRM software

Zendesk (formerly Base) is a CRM software and sales force automation tool that enables sales teams to improve productivity, manage different processes, and keep reps selling.

Basic Functionality

  • performance dashboards;
  • public apps and integrations;
  • multilingual content;
  • CSAT surveys;
  • contextual workspaces;
  • satisfaction prediction.


Pricing plans are divided into 3 categories:


Essential: $5 per user/month;

Team: $19 per user/month;

Professional: $49 per user/month;

Enterprise: 99 per user/month;

Elite: $199 per user/month.

The Zendesk Suite:

Professional: $89 per user/month;

Enterprise: $149 per user/month.

Custom plans.

All plans require an annual contract. Available month-to-month options.

Free trial: available.

22. Really Simple Systems

Best CRM

Really Simple Systems provides solutions for customer service functionality on one platform. Functionality includes all tools necessary to manage prospects, clients, and sales.

Basic Functionality

  • pipeline management;
  • searches and filters;
  • spam scoring;
  • response tracking;
  • custom reports;
  • custom dashboard; web forms;
  • integrations.


Available monthly and yearly options.

Starter: €13/12 per user/month;

Professional: €28/26 per user/month;

Enterprise: €45/41 per user/month.

Free plan: for 2 users.

Free trial: 14 days.

Improve Your CRM with our service

How to Enhance Your CRM

Whatever tool you choose, its effectiveness can be increased if you integrate it with the our system. You can do it using API or Zapier.

Why you can benefit from integration with our platform:

  • Multichannel communication with leads and customers - SMS, Email, Web Push, Mobile Push, and Viber would be managed in one system.
  • Marketing communication automation based on the specifics of your business model - you could set up workflows based on any event registered in your CRM.
  • Convenient reporting - you could assess the dynamics of the contact base growth, the efficiency of each channel, RFM and cohort analysis, etc. in the convenient, and easy-to-scan format.

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