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Building Meaningful App Messaging

Introducing Yespo’s SDK — Building Meaningful App Messaging

The mobile app market continues to boom. Nevertheless, mobile marketing is still in its infancy — many apps can’t provide helpful data-driven communication to their users.

That’s why we've created our mobile SDK — out-of-the-box functionality to enhance app functionality, deepen customer relationships and provide personalized user experiences.

What is SDK

Yespo’s SDK tool (software development kit) contains API methods to track custom events, enrich user profiles, and send mobile notifications to your app users. Instead of configuring dozens of API calls to collect and transfer app data or send messages, you can install a collection of API libraries once as a pre-built app tool.

How to use SDK

Installing SDK needs minimal code changes and, on average, takes less than an hour. After quick integration, product marketers can manage campaigns and collect user data without dependency on IT and QA teams.

So let’s look at what does SDK stand for.

Rich push notifications

Rich content helps you engage and retain your users with additional message features:

  • Action buttons — provide engaging interactivity by adding more buttons to your mobile messages.
  • Images carousel — show more visual content in your mobile push notifications.

Images carousel

  • App icon badges — display the new event indicator on the app icon to increase the clicks’ number.
  • Deep links — guide your users to the most relevant app screens and track the number of clicks.

Deep links

Automatic collection of user & event data

Right after you install SDK, Yespo starts to collect your app users’ data:

  • Push tokens — IDs of devices;
  • Screen view events — the currently viewed screen data;
  • Message statuses — delivery, openings, and clicks;
  • Message subscription statuses — information about consent to receive messages from your app.

Every further interaction with your app, website, and messages will enrich users’ profiles, which gives you limitless possibilities to create ultra-target segments for high-performance campaigns. So you get the complete picture of users’ subscriptions, views, clicks, etc.

Each event from your app could trigger an automatic campaign. Below you can see the primary goals of such campaigns:

  • To onboard — educate newcomers on your features so they can get the most from your app.
  • To stimulate — reward users for completing levels, active app usage, etc.
  • To prevent churn — re-engage users from the risk segment detected by RFM analysis.
  • To return — reactivate users that haven’t visited your app for a predefined time.


SDK collects only front-end data; use API to send back-end events.

Tracking e-commerce activity

SDK tracks the entire customer journey in your app: from visiting the product page to creating or updating an order. This means you can easily manage your mobile users through the sales funnel and significantly increase the number of completed transactions. The following triggers will help you with this:

  • Abandoned views & searches — remind users about products they view but don’t buy.
  • Abandoned cart — use the opportunity to close the deal.
  • Transactional notifications — notify users about changes in their order statuses (created, in progress, canceled, delivered, etc.)

Order details

Start engaging and retaining your app users with our SDK

Selling recommended products

You can use your app data not only for segmentation and triggered communication. Yespo AI algorithms analyze your users’ in-app behavior and generate product recommendations, which you can advertise in each media channel, on your site, or in your app. Let’s look at some recommendation algorithms to use in Yespo:

  • The product is out of stock — show a selection of similar products.
  • Cross-sell — offer a selection of related to purchase products.
  • Upsell — promote more expensive and complementary goods and services to increase the order amount.
  • Potential purchase — a product selection based on the orders of users who have purchased this item.
  • Personal recommendations — a product selection based on the user's history of views and orders.

Personal recommendations

More on setting recommendations in the mobile app >

Additional channels

Some media channels haven’t default UI in Yespo. But with a few lines of code, you can easily use them in Yespo:

  • In-app messages — сreate and customize contextual messages sent within apps without extra steps.


  • App inbox messages — send unobtrusive messages with flexible appearance settings from your app.

App inbox

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Installing our SDK is the easiest way to automate your app users' entire lifecycle: you no longer need to worry about something breaking or a human factor intervening in communication with your mobile audience. And SDK contains such exciting features and functionalities:

  • 360-degree customer view.
  • aggregated data to predict further users’ actions and steer them in the right direction.
  • smart recommendations in all communication channels to increase user engagement.
  • advanced options to diversify and enrich your marketing content.

Follow the guides to get started with the Yespo SDK:

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