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Updates of November 2021

Our Updates of November 2021

This month, our team worked mainly on two areas – subscription forms and multilanguage in product recommendations.

You can find our October news here.

Announcement of a New Project Claspo

For half a year we have been working on our native subscription forms, which have evolved into an independent project. saw the world earlier this month, and early adopters are already testing its capabilities.

As in the case of, all the new functionality of the forms will be available immediately in your account in our platform. For those who only need forms and everything related to them, a full-fledged personal account in will be available in February. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with its features in our platform. features:

  • All available functions in one interface: drag-and-drop editor, responsiveness, flexible conditions for displaying the form on different devices, etc. You can use all this within one account and without any coding skills.
  • Multilanguage. Nowadays, switching to different language versions is an integral feature of many websites. You can customize multilingual forms in a few clicks.
  • Gamification. Attract new users more efficiently using game mechanics.

Professional marketing becomes available with us! We’ll be glad to see you among beta users of

Improvements to Subscription Forms

Two new types of forms

  • Modal windows – appear on top of other elements and disables the background. When open, it doesn't allow interaction with the website.

Learn more>>

Modal window

  • Floating forms – displayed on top of other elements in one of the bottom corners of the webpage or as a full-width bar. It doesn't interfere with users' browsing experience.

Floating form

Subscribing new contacts only

You can hide native subscription forms for existing subscribers via display conditions. By default, this option is disabled for inline and enabled for modal and floating forms.
The contact uniqueness is checked by contact ID, which resides in the browser's local storage. Contact ID enters the repository in one of the following ways:

  • when subscribing through the native form;
  • when clicking links in the email containing the utm_content parameter and the obligatory value in utm_source;
  • when subscribing to web push notifications.

Hide for those who are already subscribed

New conditions for displaying forms

For display frequency

Added options to native forms:

  • Once per session (by session, we mean one browser tab; new tab is a new session).
  • Once per N minutes/hours/days/weeks.

By default, Do not limit is selected for inline forms and Once per session – for modals and floating ones.

Display frequency

For display by UTM tags

Now the UTM persists for the entire session and can be combined with other conditions. For example, to avoid disturbing existing subscribers with pop-up forms, you can add the condition Exclude pages where UTM source is equal to service-promo.

Display by UTM tags

Changing the main language version

In the multilanguage settings, you can now set any language version of the form as the default version.

Set as default

Built-in components

Now you can drag and drop components onto the form: buttons, containers, contact fields, etc.

Drag and drop components

Replacing the old form

A new placement option, Replace element, is now available for inline forms. For example, if a subscription form has already been created on the website in our or another service, you can replace it with a new one by specifying a CSS selector.

Replace element

Linking the text

The form editor now can add links to text. For example, to refer to

  • conditions for the processing of personal data,
  • privacy policy, etc.

You can open a dialog with settings on the pop-up panel or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+K).

Linking the text

Separating publish and save operations

There are 2 modes now:

  • Save without publishing. In this case, the changes to the content will be saved, but will not be applied to the published form. Users will see the original version of the form unchanged until they are published.

Save without publishing

  • Save and publish. In this case, changes to the content will be available to users as soon as the form is enabled.

Save and publish

Notifications of unpublished changes appear

  • in the editor itself,
  • in the list of forms,
  • in the Parameters tab.

Notifications of unpublished changes

If you make a form that has unpublished changes visible to visitors, a notification appears that the appearance has unpublished changes.

Appearance has unpublished changes

Copying forms

Now you can copy your subscription form. This will help you quickly create new forms based on the previously created ones.

Copying forms

Recommendations Updates

Loading multilingual product feeds

  • Each feed can contain only one language, the rest of the versions must be downloaded separately and their number is not limited.

  • All feeds must have the same data structure, product parameters, and their quantity. The difference should only be in languages.

  • We add values for the Default feed and Minor feed. The Default feed cannot be deleted and will be substituted if recommendations are requested without the languageCode parameter.

  • We add division of language versions by tabs. If there are errors in one of the feeds, the tab will be highlighted in red.

Multilingual product feeds

Defining page languages for multilingualism

The definition of the language occurs in the following sequence:

  • by the lang parameter in the HTML of the website.
  • by the language code in the website URL, which must conform to the ISO 639-1 standard.

This is possible after downloading the required language versions of the feeds. If the language of the page is still not defined, then the recommendations will be substituted from the main feed.

Multilingual headers

If your account has additional language versions of feeds loaded, then you need to set the titles for them that will be displayed on the website.

  • The number of language versions of the feed in our platform is determined automatically, the same number of lines are added for headings.
  • If the page language is defined, but the title is not specified, then the recommendations will be shown without the title.
  • If the title is not specified, there will be a warning in the general list of recommendations and in the Parameters tab that this needs to be corrected.


Small But Important Improvements

In workflows

You can use a filter for active/inactive workflows.

Filter for active/inactive workflows

In segments

Now you can quickly split any segment into 3 parts. This can be used for testing, for example.

Segment splitting


To learn more about custom features, please email us or book a demo. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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Head of Direct Marketing

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