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Our Updates of September 2021

Our platform's updates, September 2021

The next portion of updates is already available in the system. This time, most of the changes were made to data sources. We are also continuing to improve recommendation algorithms and segmentation.

You can find our July-August news here.

? Functionality Updates

User role Marketer (no view and export contacts data)

This access level hides the contacts' email addresses and phone numbers in the account. Thus, the user doesn't see contacts, can't edit or export them.

User role Marketer

More on user management>>

User management for admins

Now the account admins can view the user list in subaccounts and manage users when MFA is enabled.

Checking the time and day in workflows

You can check both Day & Time and each condition separately using the Current day/time block. The block checks whether the current workflow path is triggered based on these parameters. Enter the time in the block settings. Time is checked in the user's local time zone.

Current day/time block.

Search by event type ID

Now search by event type ID is available in Automation → Event types.

Search by event type ID

Messaggio for Viber processing

You can add an existing sender in the account settings or when creating a new message. Parameters required to create a sender: login, password, sender ID.

Displaying the annoyance level in reports

The general information block of the report contains the final annoyance level set for the campaign.

Displaying the annoyance level

Forms Updates

  • Text style settings have been moved from the Layout tab to the Content tab.
  • Now each property for both desktop and mobile versions can be configured separately.
  • The Hover effects section has been added to the button settings. It groups properties that change on hover. We've also added flip animation.
  • You can add new text styles and edit existing ones.


New parameters

We’ve added parameters for detailed information about the campaign:

Parameter Description Availability
broadcastId Campaign ID For launching a bulk campaign in your account or using the Create broadcast API resource
workflowId Workflow ID For bulk sending or a single campaign via workflow
workflowBlockId Service parameter of the workflow For a single campaign via workflow
sourceEventKey Event type key For a single campaign via workflow
sourceEventTypeKey Event key value For a single campaign via workflow

More on webhooks>>

Setting a webhook in your workflow

The Webhook block allows to send a request from the workflow to receive data from an external source. You can use this data in the workflow and for sending in the workflow and to send an additional message, for example, from a third-party service.

The Webhook block

You can add and edit such data sources only in a workflow through the Webhook block.


Segmentation by page views

There is a new event type Category Page View. It can be used to build segments and trigger campaigns like an abandoned category. It differs from the Page View event type in that it takes into account page visits without viewing a specific product.

Category Page View

Building segments by orders for all the time

Available only for online and offline orders and can be used both together and for each condition separately.

Orders for all the time


If you've already specified order events and choose all the time, you can't add other conditions to the card.

Additional conditions for segmentation by product events

We’ve added new parameters for more accurate segmentation with dynamic segments:

  • The viewed item is in a stock;
  • Reduced price for viewed item;
  • Reduced price for similar product from viewed;
  • Reduced price for item added to cart;
  • Reduced price for similar items from cart.

This update allows you to expand the range of personalized recommendations and reach more users.

Additional conditions for segmentation


These segments are available in Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Data Sources

Google Sheets for multilingual campaigns

To substitute personalized recommendations, promo codes, etc., you can connect various data sources, including Google Sheets. When adding this source for multilingual messages, you can arrange the language versions of the data on separate pages or one page (in a column or a row).

Source example

Make sure that the file is accessed by anyone with the link, without Google authorization required. Otherwise, data won't be able to transfer.

New algorithms filtering

Basic and custom algorithms are available in each account. If you create a custom algorithm based on the basic one, then the basic one will no longer be displayed as unnecessary.

Diversity for algorithm rules

For data sources, you can set rules of product display using all available fields in the Diversity tab.

This feature will enrich recommendations with products from different categories, different brands, with different prices, etc.

Diversity for algorithm rules

More on product recommendations>>

Personalization testing

You can now test data substitution for a specific contact without sending a message. You can check personalization from:

  • additional fields,
  • data sources,
  • multilanguage.

Personalization testing

To learn more about custom features, please email us or book a demo. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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