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Netpeak Case: How to Increase Online Store Revenue by 111% with Improved Subscription Forms

Subscription forms are a great tool for gathering customer contacts to be in touch with clients. However, many companies are unaware of the benefits that forms provide. Thus, they ignore them or implement inappropriate solutions. Let’s dive into the Netpeak story – a company that managed to get stunning results and increase its revenue by 111%.


Our client was an online store, which used a subscription form on its website. We noticed a frustrating thing: the number of subscribers stayed stable – new people didn’t come. In addition, the campaign's effectiveness significantly decreased.

An important note: Netpeak had a discount for new subscribers, but the company didn’t want to announce it. People found it out only after leaving their emails.

So, Yespo marketers had to improve the form to, at least, bring back past campaign performance indicators.


After analyzing the situation, we decided to

  • Add the discount information in the form and offer 2 promo codes at the same time;
  • Make the widget animated, not static;
  • Explain in the form what benefits are waiting for the subscriber (special closed sales and the like).

Subscription form


Just a few things had to be changed to receive fantastic outcomes: the company’s revenue increased by almost 112% compared to the last month before the campaign.


The effectiveness of the subscription campaign grew by 3,534%.


The overall results look like this (three months before the changes and three months after them):


Thus, our client got 3 times more subscribers and doubled the revenue using manual + event-triggered messages. The contact base began to grow three times faster than before. The number of active users in the database also increased.

Hence, there are always ways to improve the existing campaigns to receive better results within your marketing budget.

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Alina Pshenichnikova

Email marketing specialist at Netpeak Agency

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