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July Event Calendar

July Event Calendar: 135+ Marketing Content Ideas & Subject Lines

July means summer, hot days, kids out of school, holidays, and fun. People think less about work and more about having a good time. And your task is to deliver options. If you provide whatever activities events, recipes, clothеs, media, etc. that can set the summer mood, make sure the audience knows it.

In the USA, all marketers would be getting ready for the Fourth of July: sales, special campaign, related design, independence, and freedom motives will dominate inboxes since mid June. And Christmas in July is always a big marketing occasion. However, those who don’t relate to these can also find a way to reach out.

Below we’ve listed content creation ideas that can contribute to your July marketing plan and give some ideas on email campaign content.

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in July 2020

Jul 1

National Tartan Day (Australia and New Zealand);

Canada Day;

Children's Day (Pakistan);

Doctors' Day (India);

Engineer's Day (Mexico);

July Morning (Bulgaria);

National Postal Workers Day (US);

Madeira Day (Portugal).

July Event Calendar

Jul 2

World UFO Day;

World Sports Journalists Day;

Police Day (Azerbaijan);

National Anisette Day (US).

July Event Calendar

Jul 3

International Plastic Bag Free Day;

Independence Day (Belarus);

Women's Day (Myanmar);

National Chocolate Wafer Day (US);

National Eat Beans Day (US).

Jul 4

Independence Day (US);

International Day of Cooperatives (first Saturday of July);

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day (first Saturday of July);

National Police Day (Ukraine);

National Barbecued Spareribs Day (US).

Jul 5

Constitution Day (Armenia);

Bikini Day (US);

National Apple Turnover Day (US);

Youth Day (Singapore).

Jul 6

International Kissing Day;

Jan Hus Day (Czech Republic);

Kupala Night (Eastern Europe);

National Fried Chicken Day (US);

Statehood Day (Lithuania);

Teachers' Day (Peru).

July Event Calendar

Jul 7

World Chocolate Day;

Global Forgiveness Day;

Tanabata (Japan);

National Strawberry Sundae Day (US).

Jul 8

Air Force and Air Defense Forces Day (Ukraine);

Family, Love and Faith Day (Russia);

National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day (US).

Jul 9

Arbor Day (Cambodia);

National Tree Day (Mexico, second Thursday of July);

Constitution Day (Australia);

Independence Day (Argentina);

National No Bra Day (US).

Jul 10

Nikola Tesla Day;

Global Energy Independence Day;

National Piña Colada Day (US, Puerto Rico);

Natto Day (Japan):

National Motorcycle Day (second Friday of July, US).

Jul 11

World Population Day;

China National Maritime Day;

World Miniature Golf Day;

Bandoneon Day (Argentina);

Sea and Fishermen's Festival (Latvia);

National Blueberry Muffin Day (US).

Jul 12

National Simplicity Day (US);

Day of the Russian Post;

Hijab and Chastity Day (Iran):

Father's Day (Uruguay).

July Event Calendar

Jul 13

Statehood Day (Montenegro);

Naadam Festival (Mongolia);

National French Fries Day (US).

Jul 14

Hondurans' Day (Honduras);

National Nude Day (US).

Jul 15

World Youth Skills Day;

Democracy and National Unity Day (Turkey);

Sabantuy (Azerbaijan);

Bon Festival (Japan);

National Give Something Away Day (US);

National Hot Dog Day (US).

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Jul 16

World Snake Day;

Gergetoba (Georgia);

Engineer's Day (Honduras);

National Corn Fritter Day (US).

Jul 17

World Day for International Justice;

World Emoji Day;

Constitution Day (South Korea);

Gion Matsuri (Japan);

Independence Day (Slovakia).

July Event Calendar

Jul 18

Nelson Mandela International Day;

World Listening Day;

Constitution Day (Uruguay);

National Caviar Day (US).

Jul 19

Children's Day (Panama, Cuba and Venezuela);

Vardavar (Armenia);

National Daiquiri Day (US);

US National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of July).

Jul 20

International Chess Day;

Día del Amigo (Argentina, Brasil);

Marine Day (Japan);

Lao Women Union’s Day (Laos);

Engineer's Day (Costa Rica);

Tree Planting Day (Central African Republic).

Jul 21

Belgian National Day (Belgium);

National Junk Food Day (US).

Jul 22

World Brain Day;

International Boxing Day;

Pi Approximation Day;

National Press Day (Azerbaijan);

Hammock Day (US).

July Event Calendar

Jul 23

Gorgeous Grandma Day;

Renaissance Day (Oman);

Children's Day (Indonesia);

National Refreshment Day (fourth Thursday of July, US);

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (US).

Jul 24

International Self Care Day;

Police Day (Poland);

Simón Bolívar Day (Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia);

National Tequila Day (US).

Jul 25

Fire Service Day (Belarus);

Retail Trade Worker's Day (fourth Saturday of July, Russia);

National Day of Galicia (Spain);

Constitution Day (Puerto Rico);

National Dance Day (US).

Jul 26

Esperanto Day;

Aunts and Uncles Day;

Parents' Day (fourth Sunday of July, US);

Reek Sunday (the last Sunday of July, Ireland);

National Tree Day (Australia);

National Intern Day (US).

July Event Calendar

Jul 27

National Sleepy Head Day (Finland);

National Scotch Day (US).

Jul 28

Independence Day (Peru);

National Waterpark Day (US).

Jul 29

International Tiger Day;

Constitution Day (Moldova);

National Thai Language Day (Thailand);

St. Olaf’s Day (Norway, Faeroe Islands);

National Lasagna Day.

Jul 30

International Day of Friendship;

World Day against Trafficking in Persons;

Father-In-Law Day (US);

National Cheesecake Day (US).

July Event Calendar

Jul 31

World Ranger Day;

System Administrator Appreciation Day;

Harry Potter's Birthday;

National Mutt Day (US);

National Avocado Day (US).

Last post

Emails Subject Lines for July Emails

And now, after you’ve figured out content calendar ideas to use in July to connect with your audience, let’s see what email subject lines can come in handy. The below subject lines we found in our Inboxes last June may guide you to even better variants this year.

  • TODAY ONLY: Enjoy 20% off Hot Items for July ?(Apolo);
  • BUY 1, GET 2 FREE kind of summer ? (Urban Planet);
  • Your July Cash Back Statement (Rakuten);
  • End-of-July Steals. Go out on a chic ♪ (Rue La La);
  • Final countdown for July Offer. Open to check what's special! (SmartBuyGlasses);
  • Where did July go ? (Supply);
  • Raise your teacup! It's International Friendship Day ?(Royal Albert);
  • A NEW SOCK for Ice Cream Month! ? (Woven Pear);
  • ☀️ Sun-sational Photo + Video Accessories (Henry’s);
  • Wool in July? Woot! (Woot);
  • Midsummer Story // Pop-Up & Sample Sale (Datura);
  • [15% OFF] National UFO day savings are out of this world savings (Bustedtees);
  • Fly lines for summertime (Fenty Beauty);
  • ? We’re sharing a kiss for International Kissing Day! (Caudalie);
  • Sealed with a Kiss ? Celebrate International Kissing Day with Lip & Cheek Tints (Darphin);
  • It's World Emoji Day! ???? (Floom);
  • Celebrate World Emoji Day With #MYCALVINS Custom ???✌️ (Calvin Klein);
  • What's Your Favourite Emoji? ? (Fernsnpetals);
  • HAMMOCK DAY | Buy One Get One FREE Right Now! (Trek Light Gear);
  • Sunday Forecast: Blowouts hotter than the weather ☀️ (HauteLook);
  • What you're been waiting for: CYBER MONDAY in July (WWE Shop);
  • No-Bake Desserts for Sweltering Summer Nights (American Made);
  • We've made it a breeze for you (Westport Big & Tall);
  • The Quintessential Summer Treat! (Treat Beauty);
  • July Camera Deals End Saturday ? (Olympus);
  • Help Us Reach Our July Tree Planting Goal! (Madera Outdoor);
  • Get it while it’s HOT ? (Chloe + Isabel).

Now you have some July content topic ideas. Our last advice is try to make them as bright and holiday-looking as possible considering your corporate style. Even if you’re an adept of classic black & white, add some colorful elements to set the mood.

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