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Geomarketing in Email Campaigns. How to Reach a Customer in the Right Place at the Right Time

Geomarketing is a method aimed to boost sales by sending messages based on the location of a potential consumer. This approach does the trick, because the messages are sent only to those people who might find the offer relevant and useful at the exact moment of delivery and at the particular location. 

Such a geomarketing tool might be really useful for the following organizations:

  • logistics companies;

  • gas stations;

  • ecommerce companies;

  • entertainment companies: cinemas, children’s centers, etc.;

  • HoReCa: cafes, restaurants, etc.

After all, the location-based communication makes marketing more targeted by sending an actual offer to the right segment at the right time.

At our platform, we constantly expand the segmentation arsenal to enable our customers to improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. Now you can use the potential of geomarketing for your email campaigns to spark an uptick in sales. Our users have already started to actively launch mail campaigns based on geolocation, and the option of geofencing will soon be available as well. Want to know the difference between the two? We are here to help you.

Location-Based Campaigns

Location-based campaigns

You can send a message via any of the channels - email, web push, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp - based on the geographical location of the app user. When creating a dynamic segment, we use location data, choosing the necessary country, region, and city.

The data on the location is obtained from where the person performed the last action - opened an email or clicked a link in the notification. Moreover, the geolocation of all new subscribers can be recorded after this option is chosen in the system. The data will be updated automatically if the customer's location changes.

How it works: an airline company can send customers relevant offers based on their current location. For example, it can segment a group of people currently staying in Sofia (Bulgaria) and offer them cheap flights to Bucharest and Istanbul. This will be the most relevant offer at the moment.

Geofencing to Boost Revenue

Geofencing to boost revenue

Geofencing is a technology that enables to send push notifications to app users that pass a particular area. For example, a chain of hypermarkets can send a notification on current sales in a particular shop only to those customers who are within walking distance from this shop. This is one of the simplest scenarios to reach potential customers, and our platform extends its boundaries. With enough customer data, you can send messages to any channel used by the user of the app. All information about subscribers - their phone number, email, push-token and movement updates -  will be recorded in the contact card to allow better personalization.

How it works: a gas station employing geofencing can send relevant offers via an app, SMS, or Viver to drivers who are within one mile from the station at the moment of delivery. By doing so, the company

  • reminds of itself;

  • generates interest in the offer;

  • becomes useful;

  • increases brand loyalty.

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Geomarketing in Practice

Now we will enter the personal profile and see how to set geotargeting in our system. Owners of the PRO or ENTERPRISE Advanced Segmentation Package can easily find all the below parameters when creating a dynamic segment.

On the left, find Location, and move on to Condition Operators such as Country, Region, and City:

Choose Condition Operations

Choose a country from the list or use a search:

Choose a country


Choose a region


Choose a city

For a quick select of cities from different countries, for example, various capitals, use the switch in front of the list.

Quick select of different cities

How conditions with geolocation look like:

How conditions look like

To select a regional center and the whole region, choose in Conditions: “The contact matches any of the conditions.”

Any of the locations

If you need to exclude a city from the region, go to the cart on the right:

How to exclude a condition

Once the conditions are chosen, you can view them by clicking on any piece of the data:

How to view the chosen conditions

You can easily edit the conditions straight in this field: click on the specified data to edit or remove any condition.

How to edit conditions

You may set geotargeting within one country:

Geotargeting within one country

Or within the selected regions/cities in different countries:

Geotargeting for different countries

Advanced segmentation saves much time and effort when building segments for advanced geotargeting. Customer data is recorded right after subscriber registration. There is no longer need to conduct surveys on the location or build support segments for inclusion or exclusion. All you need to do is to choose the contact location in the conditions. In addition, inaccuracy of campaigns drops thanks to automated updates of geolocation.

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Advantages of Geotargeting-Supported Campaigns in Your Marketing Strategy

The main benefit is that location-based campaigns optimize direct marketing costs. This is how they do it:

1. Marketers’ Time Economy

It takes a couple of clicks to form a dynamic segment. Additional segments for inclusion or exclusion are no longer needed.

2. Accurate Campaigns

By minimizing contacts that do not meet the conditions. No more send-offs to the non-target audience because of the old and irrelevant information in additional contact fields.

3. Reach Growth or Audience Reduction

After activation of advanced segmentation, data on the location will always be recorded and updated. Geofencing makes it easier to deliver mobile push notifications to anyone who may be interested in them now. And location-based campaigns reduce the target groups and send only relevant offers.

4. Content Segmentation

Send personalized information to people from different regions. Bet on quality rather than on quantity.

5. Professional Personalization

Addressing by name in triggered emails is rather common, but offers relevant in terms of location and residence are rare.

Potential and unlimited possibilities are typical of modern marketing. By expanding your set of professional tools, you can reach your goals, achieve great results, optimize costs and beat competitors.

Using geomarketing for marketing campaigns is a great way to increase the ROI of campaigns and take communication with customers to a whole new level. Our platform will enable to bring your location-based campaigns into life with the help of geolocation and geofencing! Here you can learn more about the options of advanced segmentation.

Start improving your emails today!

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