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Fishka Case Study: How to Turn Website Visitors into App Users

Fishka Case Study: How to Turn Website Visitors into App Users


Grow the number of application users


Use informers


12% CTR, from which more than 30% downloaded the app


May – June 2023


Fishka marketers


8.4 million; 4 million active users


Directing website visitors to the application

A mobile application is an effective way to increase the profits of an online business while improving the customer experience. However, if your customers are already used to the site, how can you encourage them to use your mobile app as well?

To solve this task, the Fishka loyalty program chose Yespo widgets. In the article, we will discuss how to use this functionality and see the results Fishka marketers got with its help.


Fishka is a Ukrainian loyalty program that unites more than 8.4 million customers. The company has a website and a mobile application, where it publishes offers from main partners, Fishka Online service stores, and other beneficial perks for customers. The loyalty program members accumulate Fishka points for their daily purchases and use them to get discounts from partners, rewards from the catalog, and charity projects.

The Fishka mobile application is a priority communication channel for both partners and customers. In this way, partner companies can promote their activities, and users have access to a single platform with all discounts, purchase history, and other features.

“We are proud that more than 8 million customers have already joined the loyalty program. At the same time, we understand that not all of them use the mobile application, so we use all possible channels to promote it." -  Sofia Luts, Head of Marketing, Fishka loyalty program


To attract more users to the application, the Fishka team decided to use informers – clickable widgets to notify site visitors about promotions, discounts, new arrivals, upcoming events, increased engagement in social networks, etc.

Fishka marketers already had experience using informers for news digests with partners and charity promotions.

Fishka charity widget

The company's specialists tested various options for widgets in order to understand which messages are best to use in this channel. At the time of writing the case, the widget encouraging the use of a mobile app had the highest conversion.

Boost your customer engagement with interactive widgets! 

Informer redirecting to the application

Fishka marketers have created a floating bar informer that encourages customers to discover more offers in the application. The widget with the call to download the application leads to Google Play or App Store.

Informer redirecting users to the app

Display conditions

Since Fishka wanted to convert into application users as many website visitors as possible, general rules for all users were chosen to display the informer:

  • Show once every 12 hours
  • User has been on the site for at least 5 seconds
  • Show on all types of devices, on any page, in all countries. 

The Yespo system allows not only to create an attractive widget with the necessary elements but also to configure its display in detail. You can target both identified and anonymous site visitors.

The following rules can be configured for all users:

  • In which countries to show
  • For which devices (desktop or mobile)
  • With what frequency (once per session, every 3 days, etc.)
  • When exactly (stayed on the page for 40 seconds, inactive for 1 minute, etc.)

It is also possible to configure the display of the widget on certain pages of the site by URL, UTM tags, or CSS selector.

For more precise targeting, you can build the necessary segment for display using:

  • User browsing history
  • Purchase history
  • Customer preferences

Also, Yespo CDP allows for choosing and targeting any segment already created within the system.


The widget encouraging mobile app usage got a 12% open rate in the first month of operation. Of this number of engaged visitors, 30% downloaded the app.

The company is satisfied with the results of displaying the widget, so Fishka continues to use it even after the first month.

“I like that whether you are a tech-savvy user or a beginner, you still can integrate the widget into the overall design of the website easily because of the Yespo flexible settings (color schemes, options, and layout sizes).” - Sofia Luts, Head of Marketing, Fishka loyalty program. 

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