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Black Friday 2022 Marketing Deals

Black Friday 2022: Best Marketing Deals with Promo Codes

Black Friday is always a busy time for marketers. They must prepare offers, generate tons of creative messages, and build relevant segments and effective workflows. We gathered the best offers that will help in your work.

Yespo offers a free month of CDP functionality

Yespo offer

Omnichannel CDP Yespo covers large ecommerce marketing challenges, from customer acquisition through signup forms to retention with behavioral triggers and personalized recommendations.

Our platform can compile online, mobile and offline customer data into a unified profile. You can then use it for segmentation, product recommendations, and much more.

Yespo offers a free month of CDP functionality. Pay for two months of any CDP pricing plan and get one extra month for free.


Valid from November 22 till December 10.


Stripo offer

Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform that provides the necessary tools for creating emails of any complexity, including those with interactive, real-time, and AMP content. It suggests 1150 templates and the ability to save and reuse email modules across multiple campaigns.

Stripo offers 50% off for Medium and Pro annual plans.

Promo code: STRIPOgD0hY0

Valid from November 25 till November 28.


Newoldstamp offer

Newoldstamp is the leading email signature management platform that enables businesses to create, customize and deploy brand-consistent signatures across the entire company.

A well-crafted standardized email signature can help you promote your products or services to the right audience and create thousands of sales opportunities every day.

Newolstamp offers 25% off on any plan (recurring discount for all next payments).

Promo code: BF2022NOS

Valid from November 25 till November 30.


MySignature offer

MySignature is an online email signature generator. It allows you to create professional email signatures easily. You can build brand recognition by turning yourself and your team into brand ambassadors.

MySignature offers 50% off for the first payment for all yearly plans.

Promo code: SigFriday2022

Valid from November 25 till November 30.


Narrato offer

Narrato Workspace is an end-to-end content workflow management platform that helps you to manage your entire content process and team in one place.

They offer a flat 30% off on any plan on Narrato Workspace.

Promo code: BFCM22

Valid from November 24 till December 5.

Narrato Marketplace is a content marketplace that hosts thousands of quality vetted freelance writers.

They offer a flat 20% off on orders with no minimum order amount.

Promo code: BFCMOCT22

Valid from November 24 till December 5.

SkillsBooster Academy

SkillsBooster Academy offer

SkillsBooster Academy is a specialized school of internet marketing for beginners and experienced digital marketing specialists. They teach how to use digital marketing for your business, grow your brand, and increase sales.

SkillsBooster Academy offers 40% off for the Digital marketing specialist course.

Promo code: blackfriday40

Valid from November 17 till December 5.


HelpCrunch offer​​

HelpCrunch is a multi-functional platform that combines live chat, chatbot, knowledge base, and shared inbox tools for all communications with your customers.

They offer 30% off on any first payment. The deal sums up with annual discounts, so you can save up to 50% in total by signing up for a whole year.

Promo code: BFCM2022

Valid from November 14 till November 30.


Plerdy offer

Plerdy is an all-in-one multifunctional CRO, SEO & UX tool that helps to understand the customer experience and convert more site visitors into buying clients. These tools help you identify bottlenecks and improve your conversion.

Plerdy offers 40% off on annual plans.

Promo code: plerdyBF2022

Valid from November 24 till December 1.


Nimbus offer

Nimbus Platform is an information management and team collaboration software. It helps to build your knowledge base and share your data with online collaboration tools.

Nimbus offers 35% off on its products.

To take advantage of the discount, please go/shop here.

Valid from November 21 till December 2.


ZeroBounce offer

ZeroBounce allows to validate email list, score it and enhance it with subscriber activity data. 

Get your email list in shape this holiday season – at a savings! At ZeroBounce, for any number of credits you buy, you get 40% more,free. It’s one credit per email address, per service, credits don’t expire.

Valid from November 22 till November 30.


SocialBee offer

SocialBee is a social media management tool that allows users to create, schedule, and post content to every major social platform from one place.

They offer a 70% discount on all tool plans for three months.

Promo code: SOCIALBEEBF22

Valid from November 21 till November 28.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking offer

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform with 30+ tools for every task in search marketing. You can automate your routine from competitive research and backlink analysis to website audit and SEO reporting.

They have three offers to choose from: an annual subscription at a 20% discount, free access to the Content Marketing tool, or saving on user seats.

No promo code is required. You must log in for a personalized offer.

Valid from November 21 till December 5.

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