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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Localization

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Localization

When it comes to global markets, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Every local market is unique in terms of its culture, language, habits of consumption, trends, and preferences. So if a company wants to succeed in the international arena, it should find a way to reach its local customers.

Email localization is one of those marketing solutions that help companies to survive in a highly competitive global market. In this article, we will consider the key benefits of email localization and its impact on the company’s success.

What Is Email Localization?

Email localization is the adaptation of the email to the needs and preferences of local markets. It includes not only text translation, but also email adaptation to cultural, legal, and other specific requirements of the local market.

Reason #1 – Increase Open Rate

The success of the marketing campaign greatly depends on the quality of the subject line. And if you want to grab the attention of non-English native speakers, you should start email localization from choosing an appropriate subject line.

The point is that customers who speak English as a second language prefer to browse websites, emails, web push, and mobile push notifications in their native language. And if they see too many emails in the inbox, they tend to open only the emails written in their mother tongue. Customers do not want to waste their time trying to translate and understand the message of emails written in English.

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Reason #2 – Increase Click-Through Rate

Naturally, email localization also has a positive impact on click-through rate. When you create an email that perfectly appeals to the target audience, your efforts are rewarded with a high click-through rate and high conversions.

If you are an English native speaker, it might be challenging for you to understand why the global approach to email marketing doesn’t work and why email localization is a must. To make it clear, let’s imagine for a moment that Spanish, not English, is the most popular language online. Imagine that you receive the following email from an international airline.

Reason #2 Example

Image source: private email from Volaris.

Review this email and answer the questions: what are the chances that this email will encourage you to book tickets? Take it into account that this template of this email doesn’t allow you to copy-paste the text to Google Translator and translate the message.

Well, you can presuppose that the company offers you to buy tickets that cost 299 Mexican pesos. But since you do not know how much 299 pesos are in dollars, you can’t figure out whether it’s an advantageous offer or not. In other words, if you do not speak Spanish, it’s highly unlikely that you will click a CTA button and purchase tickets.

The same happens when it comes to your business. If you do not localize your emails, your local customers see no value in your offers. They can’t read in English, so they do not understand what button they should click. And as a result, your international marketing campaign brings no results.

Reason #3 – Personalize User Experience

According to statistics, personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. And it’s not surprising that companies try to personalize emails in every way possible.

If you are looking for a new way to personalize your emails, try email localization. It works much better than standard subject line personalization.

“If you want to make your customers feel valued, send them emails in their native language. If you do everything right, you will be rewarded with customer loyalty and increased conversions,” says Angelina Black, a site localization expert at PickWriters, a website with reviews of content localization and website localization services.

Reason #4 – Create a Seamless Omnichannel User Experience

If you have already localized your websites and social media, then email localization is a must for you. Why? Because it’s crucially important to create a seamless user experience.

To make it clear, let’s consider an example.

Take a closer look at Samsung and its localization strategy. Samsung localized its website for the Latin American market.

Reason #4 Example

Image source

Also, Samsung localized content for social media. The company created separate profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, specifically for Latin America.

Image source

Naturally, Samsung had no other option but to use email localization to create a seamless omnichannel experience. The company crafted emails that appeal to the target audience and direct customers to the localized website and localized social media.

Image source: private email from Samsung.

Reason #5 – Enhance the Information Delivery

Obviously, you use email marketing not only to inform your customers about special offers and discounts but also to deliver some important information. And in some cases, you want to be 100% sure that local customers will get your message right. And you can use neither SMS nor Viber and other instant messengers.

For example, if you are making some changes to your legal agreements, you should ensure that every customer will be able to read and understand the text of your email. Otherwise, you will have to deal with plenty of irritated customers.

Here is an excellent example of email localization. When Payoneer was introducing a two-step verification feature, it sent emails that clearly explain what customers should do to keep using the app. Since the text of the email was accessible for every user, the company avoided tons of complaints.

Reason #6 – Be One Step Ahead of the Competition

Now let’s talk about your competitors. Have they already leveraged email localization? If they haven’t done it yet, you can be the first who will reach out to local customers in their native language.
With the help of email localization, you can beat the competition and achieve a dominant position in local markets. You can build relationships with customers and lead your company to success.

Wrapping It Up

Competition is getting more intense, and you need to take every opportunity to improve your marketing strategy. To succeed, you should focus on local markets and do your best to meet the expectations of local customers.

So don’t hesitate to use email localization as a part of your new marketing strategy. It will help you to achieve the goals set and keep your company afloat. And if you're a Crowdin user, be sure to check out a convenient integration with Yespo CDP.

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