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5 Proven Ways Influencer Marketing Can Help to Grow Your Email List

In the beginning, there was word of mouth. That's how we got our first few customers, right? Word spread through pure human interaction, one conversation at a time. Then email marketing came onto the scene, and we were able to do things like collecting subscribers' email addresses and sending them promotional emails. Now it seems that we are at the beginning again — but this time we're smarter! Word of mouth combined with social media brought Influencer Marketing.

Using influencer marketing to grow your email list can be a very effective form of lead generation. When you partner with an influencer who has an audience that aligns well with yours, they can introduce new customers to your brand in a way that feels authentic and personalized (and not like they're being sold something).

The best part? Because they are so influential (and often famous), they're able to reach thousands more people than if they were just posting on their social media accounts — which means even more potential leads!

With a decent army of influencers and a little bit of luck, you can get your content in front of new audiences, drive traffic to your site, and build relationships with potential customers. Here are five proven ways this strategy can help!

Use Influencer Storytelling In Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Storytelling isn't just for movies or books anymore — it works for marketing too. And when it comes to email marketing campaigns, storytelling can help you grow your email list while keeping subscribers engaged with your brand.

The people we follow on social media are often the first people we turn to for advice, opinions, and recommendations. And that’s no different when it comes to shopping. By working with influencers to tell your brand's story, you can connect with your target audience on a more personal level than traditional marketing tactics like TikTok or Facebook ads and paid promotions would allow.

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In fact, storytelling is so effective that most people will remember an interesting story from their past more than they'll remember the exact details of a dry sales pitch or product description.

Highlight Influencer Content In Email Campaigns

When you send out an email with an influencer's name at the top, people are more likely to read what they have written than if it were just regular text from you. The reason? We tend to trust other people more than ourselves when it comes to certain things (especially when we don't know much about them).

That’s why influencer content is one of the most effective ways to generate interest in your product or service. It can take many forms but it's usually something like an informative blog post, video, tutorial, podcast advertisement, or even a simple tweet.

You can use that content in your email marketing campaign by creating a newsletter template with embedded videos or images from influencers in the industry. When you make use of an influencer's audience, you not only reach new customers but also increase engagement with the existing ones, as your brand message is coming from someone they trust. This is why influencer marketing is on the rise in the realm of NFTs as well. By leveraging NFT influencer marketing, businesses can promote their NFTs to wider audiences.

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Utilize Influencer Product Reviews To Build Trust and Credibility

Product reviews can be an excellent resource for email marketers. In fact, they're one of the most effective ways to build trust with your audience and generate sales. Did you know 50% of consumers will take some action after reading a positive review? It’s true BUT… the first thing you need to consider is where these reviews are coming from — are they from an authority? The best way to get product reviews is to ask your customers. But the second best way? Use influencers.


It doesn't matter what you are selling — most people want to make sure they're getting good value for money before clicking "purchase." The problem is that most people don't trust reviews from strangers. They want to hear about a product from someone they know and trust, like their friends or family members. This is where influencers come in. They have large followings and are trusted by their audience members. If they recommend something, people are more likely to buy it. This makes them an excellent choice for marketing purposes because they can reach a large number of people quickly and easily.

In addition to providing useful information to your customers, influencer product reviews shared via emails can also be a great way to increase your email opt-in rate and improve the quality of your list by offering incentives for people to sign up. When it comes to technically preparing your emails for such campaigns, make sure to use an SPF record checker for email authentication. This way, your recipients will get secure emails and have a better experience.

Include Limited-Time Offers In Your Email Campaigns

Promotional offers such as freebies, promo codes, coupons, or sweepstakes are powerful tools for email marketing. In fact, 68% of millennials say promotional emails have influenced their purchase decisions.

Promos are only as good as the audience that receives them, and it takes time and effort on your part to find influencers who will help you reach more people with promo codes. If you aren’t ready for that kind of work and commitment, you can outsource all of the work. Your chosen influencer can host a giveaway where the winner gets gift cards, free shipping for a year, or limited-edition products that aren't available anywhere else.

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A win-win for everyone involved. Your brand — because you’re growing your email list while generating sales, influencers — because they're getting freebies in exchange for helping you promote your brand and the customers — because they’re taking advantage of your promo code. This gives them bragging rights and makes them feel special since they're getting something that no one else has access to — which makes them more likely to share their experience with others on social media.

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Consider Influencers For Creating Tutorial Video Content

If you want to get more email subscribers, start by creating engaging content that people want to watch! What would people in your target market actually want to learn or find out about you? If you’re in the business of selling a product or service online, then you need to be creating “how-to” content.

What is “how-to” video content? The name says it all. It’s a type of content that tells you how to do something. It can be as simple as showing how to use a product, or it could be as complex as showing how your service can help your audience build their own business. The important thing is that the viewer will learn something from the video. And who can do a better job than an influencer?

“How-to” content

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses need to differentiate themselves from their competition. By using influencers, you can build a relationship with them over time and learn their preferences. Then you are free to use all information to develop campaigns that resonate better with your target audience. This type of content is extremely appealing to consumers because it provides value while also helping them solve problems or overcome challenges in their everyday lives.


When it comes to collaborating with influencers in an email marketing campaign, the goal will always be the same: encourage customers to buy your product. You'll do this by appealing to the influencers' audience with a large and elaborated launch plan considering all the aspects of the customer journey with your brand.

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to grow a large online community because you'll be engaging with customers on their own turf — transforming loyal followers into evangelistic advocates who will help grow your company.

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