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Email and Web Push Work Together in an Omnichannel Workflow to Bring Back 92% More Cart Abandoners

Omnichannel Workflows: Email and Web Push Work Together to Bring Back 92% More Cart Abandoners

Push messaging is one of the fastest and customer-focused marketing channels for customer communications. All you need do to send push notifications is to get website visitors' consent to receive such notifications. After that, you'll retrieve their browser tokens and use them to send personalized notifications.

Website push notifications rose to the height of their popularity about a year ago. Businesses were massively adopting browser notifications on their websites and sending as many push messages as possible, trying to get ahead of competitors. Although these days businesses tend to focus more on mobile push notifications and in-app messages, web push notifications aren't any less effective. In this success story, we take a closer look at how timely web push notifications helped drive shoppers back to their website and recover abandoned carts. Case Study: Email and Web Push Work Together to Bring Back 92% More Cart Abandoners


Users abandon their shopping carts for a number of reasons. Some are simply window-shopping, some want to compare prices, some have issues with shipping or payment options. Addressing abandoned carts with a well-thought-out cart recovery strategy is key to improving overall conversion rates and increasing the revenue., an online brand for silver jewellery and accessories, were looking for an effective way to automate their cart abandonment workflow and encourage more users to complete their purchases. That said, the company wanted to reach out to the users and bring them back to the website in the most timely manner.


After running a number of tests, our team suggested adding web push notifications as part of a single omnichannel marketing automation workflow, along with email campaigns.


Benefits of Using Web Push and Email in Your Cart Abandonment Strategy

Web Push


  • Easy opt-in. Web push notifications only require users to give permission with a single click, allowing businesses to reach out to people who haven't yet provided their email addresses or phone numbers.

  • Efficiency. Email is known to be the most cost-effective marketing channel to date.

  • Urgency. Web push notifications create a sense of urgency, encouraging users to get back to the website as soon as they see the message.

  • Timely, personalized cart abandonment emails are known to have the highest conversion rates among all triggered eCommerce emails.

  • High deliverability. Web push notifications are hard to miss because they appear on top of other windows.

  • Personalization. The CDP's dynamic content features enable brands to personalize each email with the specific products left in the cart, promo codes, discounts, or free shipping offers.

  • Concision. Web push notifications are short messages that can be enhanced with your brand’s logo, product image, and a strong CTA.

  • Design. Emails can be designed to match the style of your brand, with eye-catching banners and rich graphic content.


  • Advanced segmentation. In our platform, you can segment your email lists using any data available in the system, and personalize your messages to the specific needs of each subscriber. 

  • Profile unification. Our CDP automatically identifies opt-in customers and prospects across all marketing communications they interact with, enabling you to manage the customer journey across different marketing touchpoints by collecting data in a single customer profile.

  • Detailed reports. The system provides detailed reports on your campaign performance across channels.

Emails and web push notifications are sent to customers simultaneously, within only a couple of hours after they’ve abandoned a purchase. This approach allows to reach out to more potential customers, including those who have allowed notifications but haven’t provided their email addresses, and vice versa.


Omnichannel marketing workflow with emails and web push notifications.



Our team helped drive back 92% more shoppers who abandoned their cart and recover revenue, by implementing an omnichannel cart abandonment workflow with emails and web push messages. Sending personalized web push notifications in parallel with cart abandonment emails has proven to be a powerful way to improve the overall performance of's cart abandonment campaign. In this way, the two channels were not in competition but rather mutually complementing. 

Email and Web Push together improve the overall campaign performance.


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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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