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Methods for Explosive Growth of Your Email Contact List

Methods for Explosive Growth of Your Email Contact List

According to Bouncex research, more than 90% visitors usually leave websites without having performed any targeted action.
Yet, this statistics is optimistic - the results of most surveys show disappointing 95%.

More then 90% of your website visitors aren`t converting

Source: Bouncex.com

The good news is that the mentioned results are only actual for those websites that don’t use modern tools to attract new subscribers and capture emails.
What are these tools and how to build an email contact list using them?

1. Subscription and registration via social media

Subscription to email campaigns via Facebook Instant Articles

You are probably already familiar with the Facebook Instant Articles. If not - their essence is that you can read the article from the news feed without opening it in the browser. This feature has become a hot trend when in April 2016 Facebook started to add subscription forms to instant articles. This way, casual readers are more likely to become subscribers.

Subscription via Facebook Instant Articles

Source: Aitarget.ru

Subscription forms’ creation has no fundamental differences from the regular procedure: you develop a design style and come up with a heading for your call-to-action button, for example: "Sign up for news", "Subscribe to newsletters" or "Be aware of updates".

Facebook provides the statistics on this button clicks: the number of subscriptions, gender, and age, location.

Facebook satistics

How to add the subscription form to Facebook

Registration via social media

Social media is an effective marketing communication channel used not only when a customer subscribes to news but also for registration on marketplaces or even financial sites.

Registration via social media

2. Traps for those who leave - exit-intent pop-ups

Pop-up windows can significantly reduce the loss of customers, as we can see by their English name meaning itself. Pop-ups are also good to collect email addresses because they require a minimal user’s efforts to subscribe.

Of course, they annoy everyone. But this weakness may be neutralized by exclusively value proposition with creative design.

Moreover, their action principle has long stopped to be based on cursor movement to an upper right corner of the screen only. Modern plugins suggest configuring the dynamic pop-ups taking into account the following parameters: 

  • Where did users come from?
  • Is it their first visit?
  • What page are they on?
  • How many pages did they view?
  • What language do visitors use?
  • What device do they use?
  • What's in their carts?

Personalized email marketing leads to stunning results.


This service provides templates and a drag and drop designer to create pop-ups. But the main feature is the option to embed coupons and other offers based on user's behavior on a website. For example, goods abandoned in a cart.

Pop-up "waits" for the moment when a user is going to exit, and then it "pops up" with some catchy offer - for example, discounts on products recently watched by a user. A person just needs to fill out the lead form to get it. As a result, your email contact list is constantly updated.

Поп-ап Privy.com


One more great idea on how to build an email list is to turn the subscription form into a game. Gamblers just won’t be able to resist - spinning roulette determines the prize that new subscriber will get.

Форма подписки Wheelio

After clicking the button on the screen, different prizes started to spin (just like in a slot machine).

To take a prize, one had to leave his email address.


Pop-ups info of this service is also personalized according to user’s behavior. There is also an offer for the gamblers: it’s not easy to resist when Pistol Lake provides an opportunity to win $ 200.

Форма подписки Pistol Lake

Will Sulinski, co-founder of Pistol Lake, tells about his experience of cooperation with Sumo:
"I switched to Sumo because I looked for contact list management software that would be simple as a piece of cake.

It turned out that easy installation is not their only advantage. We found that conversion rate was boosted from 0.75% to 9.5%. Sumo significantly increased our business profit. I love them".

3. Video

Services like Wistia and LeadPlayer, propose to design the subscription form in shape of a video. But you can see it only when subscribed to mailing.


You can configure the settings to make your video content speaking for itself, or make a call-to-action directly in the video - button appears in real-time mode, so it won’t be unnoticed.

4. Collect email addresses via feedback forms

Give the user a bit more freedom. Let him make a decision about the reasons to communicate with you. The main thing is to use your imagination and not be limited to boring "leave your phone number and we will call back..."

We all know how difficult it is to pre-register the visit to a good specialist, whether it's a dentist or a hairdresser. One needs to call, then a long talk to agree on time convenient for both...

The task is not for introverts. So why not make it easier for your potential client, and improve your contact list management?

Of course, this is not the reason to send these people a promo mailing. But the first step towards has been already done, and the next time you can ask a client to leave more detailed info about himself.

5. Capturing emails via applications

A bit more complicated approach to the same problem: offer website visitors to download the app to manage all the possible interaction with your service (i.e. your marketing communication channels).

In "I love Beauty" network of beauty salons one can choose not only time but also a specific salon, hairdresser, price list and much more.

Of course, a client has to leave his contact information.

Application "I love beauty"

After registering in the app, client’s email address is added to your system. Now, everything depends on your skill!

6. Offline

And finally: it’s possible (and necessary) to combine lists with emails captured offline - for example, using the bill.

email captured in a bill

If you have a physical store - collect email addresses database there. In this case, it’s useful to motivate not buyers only but also your staff - for example, a bonus depending on the number of captured emails.

We don’t know how employees of this fast food in Odessa are motivated but visitor’s profit is pretty obvious:

Подписка по-одесски

P.S. It’s superfluous to remind that you shouldn’t buy the email contact lists, share it or expand in other “black” ways of contact list management.

A personal subscriber’s permission is crucial to start a mutually profitable communication!


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