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Best Email Examples of June 2021

Emails We Love: Best Email Examples of June

As an email automation tool, we at our platform deal with millions of emails on a regular basis. Some we create and send; some we help to deliver. Either way, we look through, revise, examine and test hundreds of templates. Also, we receive hundreds of them in our Inboxes. Some look so good and professional that we can’t help leaving them unnoticed.

Whatever element catches our eyes – CTA, text, image, personalized recommendations – we’d like to share it with our community. So check the below 15 email examples that impressed our team in June 2021. Get inspired with email design and content ideas you may consider using in one of your following campaigns.


Newsletter by Frank Body

Sender: Frank Body

Subject & preheader: New Hotel Pink is here. – Come on in, babe.

Why we like it:

  • Cool concept of a loyalty program;
  • Reference to Wes Anderson’s movies;
  • Rhythmical copy: “More perks. More ways to earn. More VIB treatment”. Repetition creates rhythm and is more catchy and memorable.


Newsletter by Muddy Bites

Sender: Muddy Bites

Subject & preheader: What the last bite sees… – We’re not kitten around!?

Why we like it:

  • Humor and word play;
  • Cute cat image is always a win;
  • Custom CTA.


Sender: Petco Pals

Subject & preheader: Unlock the perk. Earn FREE food. – And get 40% off on June 18th!

Why we like it:

  • Explicit explanation of how to earn the reward;
  • The calendar with a day-by-day instruction of what to do and what to expect.

# 4

Sender: Artifact Uprising

Subject & preheader: Document your days with 15% off – Plus, crowd-favorites in summer colors.

Why we like it:

  • Hues of orange, white and yellow remind of dandelions and camomiles;
  • Images resonate with the summer mood.


Sender: maude

Subject & preheader: power wash. – our newest lunch, plus, 15% off summer essentials.

Why we like it:

  • Capital vs. lower-case. Playing with letters and fonts makes the seemingly simple design look pretty;
  • Enumerated ingredients next to a body wash.

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Sender: Tracksmith

Subject & preheader: A Guide to the Run Cannonball Run – A few of our favorite spots.

Why we like it:

  • Tips on sports and leisure. Marketing shouldn’t live by sales alone. Delivering value and use is as important for retaining people;
  • Drawings make it look like a sketch book.


Sender: Great Jones

Subject & preheader: Dinner Party Essentials – Entertaining is back.

Why we like it:

  • Color palette;
  • CTA with a custom font;
  • Situational content. As the lockdown restrictions are easing in some places, people are eager to get together and rediscover spending time together.


Sender: Tuft & Needle

Subject & preheader: Prime Day savings are here ? – Our Prime deals don’t get better than this.

Why we like it:

  • FOMO strategy done well. The email is delivered in the morning of June 22. The email offer expires on June 22. A hot sale is really hot as long as it’s valid for a limited time. When you give it more than 2 days, the fear of missing out stops appealing to the customer.


Sender: Goldbelly

Subject: Welcome to Goldbelly, Goldbelly Food Explorer! ? ??

Why we like it:

  • Simple and sweet welcome email with minimum text;
  • Goldbelly claims to deliver America’s most loved foods so each dish is labeled with the state it originates from;
  • You aren’t overwhelmed with all sorts of offers from the very beginning.

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Sender: Cocofloss

Subject: Ready, Get Set(s), SAVE!

Why we like it:

  • Bright colors resonate with the summer mood;
  • A creative approach to selling such a basic thing as a toothbrush;
  • Copywriting with reference to the relevant today topic of eco-friendliness and reuse.


Sender: The North Face

Subject & preheader: Escape into summer – Find the gear to get you out there =====

Why we like it:

Off-grid layout;

The copy looks like a photo album.

Last post


Sender: Michelle Anderson

Subject: YouTube channel optimization 101 

Why we like it:

  • A good piece of B2B email copy. Short paragraphs, no redundant words or clever writing. The text directly gets the reader to the end goal of the message;
  • The image doesn’t complement the message but breaks up plain text, making it easier to digest.


Sender: Buck Mason

Subject: A New Take on Tiki.

Why we like it:

  • No info noise above the fold: just a big clear image of a T-shirt pattern;
  • Nothing else steals the focus: one offer per message.


Sender: Jeni’s

Subject: You’re invited! ??

Why we like it:

  • A sweet card works well to invite people to your birthday.


Sender: Wildist

Subject: Your photo may be featured ?

Why we like it:

  • Quality images + descriptions by photographers;
  • CTAs credit image authors and redirect to their accounts. This is how any brand should thank content contributors;
  • Enough white space between sections;
  • Proper display on both desktop and mobile.

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Definitely, the above list is subjective and is compiled of our team’s favorite picks. And even so, it was hard to nail down 15 emails because we do see way more of good designs. But that’s probably a good sign that more brands invest time and effort into creating professional-looking templates and quality copies. Today, the competition for the customer’s attention is as high as ever, and good emails may become your competitive advantage.

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